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    • CommentTime7/10/2010IsOnline
     # 241
    METALLICA: 'Live At Grimey's' EP Due In November - Oct. 6, 2010

    METALLICA has issued the following update:

    "Are you sick of us yet? We sure are!! However, we're here again to tell you about one more release, this one supporting our continued beating of the drums for independent record stores across the country with an exclusive EP available only through the network of approximately 700 U.S. retailers who support Record Store Day.

    "We were honored to be part of the first ever annual event celebrating independently owned records stores, a.k.a. Record Store Day, with an in-store at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, California on April 19, 2008 and we're very proud to be a part of another special event with our friends at independent retail.

    "The EP includes the nine songs we played the afternoon of June 12, 2008 in the basement at one of the coolest record stores in the nation, Grimey's in Nashville, Tennessee, and is part of the series of 'Live At Grimey's' releases.

    "How did this show come about? In late spring of 2008, while we were finishing up 'Death Magnetic', we were also having fun playing a few shows including the Bonnarroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee. As fans of classic, old-school record stores, we knew we just had to visit Grimey's and they were kind enough to invite us to play in their 'basement' club for METALLICA fan-club members and a few friends. As we always do, we recorded the show... and now it comes to you CD and 10" vinyl in a gatefold jacket on 'Black Friday,' November 26.

    "Support your local record store... there's a complete list of stores who will be carrying 'Live At Grimey's' here: MyMetalClub.com. The EP will also be available on Metallica.com and MetClub.com."

    "Live At Grimey's" track listing:

    01. No Remorse
    02. Fuel
    03. Harvester of Sorrow
    04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    05. For Whom The Bell Tolls
    06. Master of Puppets
    07. Sad But True
    08. Motorbreath
    09. Seek And Destroy

    Official Metallica.com video footage of METALLICA's "secret" June 12, 2008 performance at The Basement (Grimey's) in Nashville, Tennessee in front of an estimated 175 people can be viewed below.

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    • CommentTime14/10/2010IsOnline
     # 242
    'The Ultimate Metallica' Photos Featured In New Book From ROSS HALFIN - Oct. 14, 2010

    Chronicle Books has just released "The Ultimate Metallica" book of photographs by legendary rock photographer Ross Halfin.

    Halfin has documented METALLICA for nearly 25 years, from their beginnings as a scrappy, furious garage band to their current status as the heaviest and most popular metal band in the world. Featuring a foreword by METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich and an afterword by guitarist Kirk Hammett, "The Ultimate Metallica" collects the best of Halfin's amazing images, taken over the years with access granted exclusively to him as the band's main lensman. His candid photographs — taken on stage, backstage, on and off tour — are supplemented by text from many people close to the band, including managers and music writers, plus some colorful personal observations from Halfin himself.

    Ulrich says of Halfin's work, "He just gets right the fuck in there. . . . Every drop of sweat, every molecule of saliva, every out-of-place nose hair, it all gets captured cuz he's just fucking there."

    Ross Halfin has toured with and photographed many bands, including IRON MAIDEN, DEF LEPPARD, KISS, THE CLASH, SEX PISTOLS, and THE WHO. He lives in Surrey, England.

    For more information, and to order the book, go to this location.


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    • CommentTime22/10/2010IsOnline
     # 243
    METALLICA: 'Live At Grimey's' Cover Artwork Unveiled - Oct. 21, 2010

    METALLICA will release a live album called "Live At Grimey's" on Friday, November 26. The set was recorded on June 12, 2008 at the tiny 150-capacity venue The Basement, located below the Grimey's New & Preloved Music record store in Nashville. The intimate gig was a warm-up for the band's debut at the Bonnaroo Festival that same weekend.

    Check out the "Live At Grimey's" cover artwork below.


    Official Metallica.com video footage of METALLICA's "secret" June 12, 2008 performance at The Basement (Grimey's) in Nashville, Tennessee in front of an estimated 175 people can be viewed below.

    Переводчики: Ironhead
    • CommentTime26/10/2010IsOnline
     # 244
    METALLICA: 'Enter Night - The Biography' Book Due Next Month - Oct. 25, 2010

    Renowned British rock journalist Mick Wall will release a new book, "Metallica: Enter Night - The Biography", in hardcover via Orion in the U.K. on November 11.

    The book's official description: "Alongside contemporaries SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX, METALLICA came to prominence in the Eighties as one of the 'Big Four' of thrash metal. METALLICA were to thrash, though, what the SEX PISTOLS were to punk. Nearly thirty years on, their tale is one of alcohol, rule breaking and tragically early death. But allied to that are colossal sales figures for their records — they are the fifth-highest selling recording artists of all time — and members with backgrounds that touch on jazz and classical music. METALLICA, in fact, have garnered more critical acclaim than any heavy rock band since LED ZEPPELIN. Fresh from the critical and commercial success of 'When Giants Walked The Earth: A Biography Of Led Zeppelin', Mick Wall takes a similar informed look at the band, a group he has known on and off since their formation in 1981."


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    • CommentTime26/10/2010IsOnline
     # 245
    METALLICA: 'Six Feet Down Under Part II' EP Due In November - Oct. 25, 2010

    METALLICA's official web site has been updated with the following message:

    "If you picked up 'Six Feet Down Under' [METALLICA's limited-edition eight-song live EP, which came out on September 20 in conjunction with the band's tour of Australia and New Zealand], you may have noticed the words 'EP One' on the package and were quick to ask, 'What the hell does that mean?' Well, drum roll please . . . you guessed it, there is indeed an 'EP Two' in the works . . . very clever clue, don't ya think? Look for 'Six Feet Down Under Part II' in Australian and New Zealand stores, along with Metallica.com and Metclub.com, on November 12.

    "In our quest to have something unique and special to celebrate our long overdue visit to this part of the world, as well as the final stretch of 'World Magnetic' tour dates, we wanted to release some live recordings from previous tours on EP # 1 and a companion EP from the current 2010 tour. The first time around we called on you to send us your bootleg recordings from those earlier tour dates going back as far as 1989 and we pulled a track list together from the submissions. Once again we went to you, the 'TALLICA faithful, for help and polled Fan Club members from Australia and New Zealand to come up with their top eight picks from all the 41 songs played during the early part of the Trans-Tasman run this year."

    "Six Feet Down Under Part II" track listing:

    01. Blackened (October 16, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia)
    02. Ride The Lightning (October 14, 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand)
    03. The Four Horsemen (September 18, 2010 in Sydney, Australia)
    04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (September 15, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia)
    05. Master Of Puppets (October 16, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia)
    06. ...And Justice For All (October 18, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia)
    07. Fade To Black (September 18, 2010 in Sydney, Australia)
    08. Damage, Inc. (September 22, 2010 in Christchurch, New Zealand)


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    • CommentTime3/11/2010IsOnline
     # 246
    Leukemia-Stricken New Zealand Teenager Meets METALLICA - Oct. 31, 2010

    According to Bay Of Plenty Times, a 17-year-old fan of METALLICA who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last September, met all four members of the band this month through the charitable foundation Make-A-Wish New Zealand.

    "They told us it was very hard to meet celebrities and that we should be prepared for an alternative wish but Jed knew what he wanted. I was very proud of him," Jed's father, Dean Roberts, said.

    He got to meet each of the band members in a backstage room, with guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield staying almost until show time.

    "Lars [Ulrich], the drummer, said to Jed, 'I know you might be too sick but how about coming to rehearsal for your own private concert?'" Dean Roberts said.

    He had to decline the offer but still went home with autographed guitar picks, drum sticks, DVDs, CDs, books and clothing.

    Read the entire article from Bay Of Plenty Times.

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    • CommentTime3/11/2010IsOnline
     # 247
    METALLICA To Play At 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' Launch Party - Nov. 1, 2010

    METALLICA's official web site has been updated with the following message:

    "Our friends over at Activision, the fine folks who bring you the 'Guitar Hero' games, noticed a small hole in the METALLI-tour schedule in between Australian dates and rang us up to invite us to the launch of their next 'Call Of Duty' game, 'Black Ops'. One thing led to another and next thing we know, we're playing at the party!!! Kinda like that top-secret (yeah, right!) show we did in Austin at the South By Southwest music festival when our 'Guitar Hero' game was released in March of 2009. The end result is that on this Thursday, November 4, we'll be in Santa Monica, California rockin' at the Santa Monica airport, Hangar 8. In addition to celebrating the release of 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops', the event will raise funds for The Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization that helps soldiers transition to civilian life and assists them in establishing jobs and careers. Tickets will not go on sale, but we have a limited number of passes for fan-club members to attend. If you're a Met Club member and will be in the L.A. area in a few days, head over to www.metclub.com to find out how you can win a pair of tickets.

    "A big thanks to the Activision staff for inviting us as we sneak one more show in before the 'World Magnetic' tour ends in Australia."


    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
    • CommentTime5/11/2010IsOnline
     # 248
    METALLICA's ULRICH Talks About 'Am I Evil?' Jam On 'The Kevin & Bean Show' (Audio) - Nov. 4, 2010

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich was interviewed on this morning's (Thursday, November 4) edition of "The Kevin & Bean Show" on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM (106.7).

    When asked about the historic event that occured when METALLICA was joined onstage by members of MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX during its June 22, 2010 Sonisphere concert in Sofia, Bulgaria for a performance of the DIAMOND HEAD song "Am I Evil?", Ulrich said, "It just seemed like because this thing was being broadcast to a couple of thousand movie theaters around the world and there was such a historical element to this that to get everybody up and play a song together would be cool. So obviously we didn't wanna do a METALLICA song, so we felt that something that would be close to home for everybody would be the song called 'Am I Evil?' by this very influential and inspirational band to all of us called DIAMOND HEAD. And the great thing about 'Am I Evil?' — with no disrespect to [DIAMOND HEAD guitarist] Brian Tatler, who wrote the song — it's sort of like the... call it the 'Smoke Of The Water' of '80s metal songs. It's not the most challenging song to play on the guitar. It was certainly one of the easier songs and in a big stadium of 75,000 people, it sort of translates, sound-wise, to sound probably pretty good. So we got everybody into the tuning room before the show and everybody sort of learned the basics of 'Am I Evil?' and then pretty much all the other musicians in the other three bands came up and joined us. And we had a couple of extra snare drums and some other stuff up there. It was a moment for all of us that grew up together on this scene and for all the fans that grew up with all these bands to see... There's been so much over the years of... The press have been trying to set us up against each other and all this competitive crap and all these ego issues and all this type of stuff. We, the bandmembers, have known that we've all been getting on and have much more love and respect for each other, but I think to the fans, it was important that they got a chance to see that everybody was playing nice in the sandbox, you know what I mean?!"

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    • CommentTime5/11/2010IsOnline
     # 249
    METALLICA Receives 'Eventful Fans' Choice Award' At BILLBOARD TOURING AWARDS - Nov. 4, 2010

    METALLICA received the "Eventful Fans' Choice Award" at at the Billboard Touring Awards, which were handed out earlier tonight (Thusday, November 4) at a special reception at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers in New York. RUSH was also honored with the "Legend Of Live" award during the ceremony, which concluded the Billboard Touring Conference held on November 3-4.

    "Eventful Fans' Choice Award" allows music fans across the country to vote for the artist they think should win the 2010 Billboard award for Best Concert Tour of the Year. In addition to METALLICA, this year's nominees included AC/DC, BON JOVI, IRON MAIDEN and NICKELBACK. This distinct award, purely based on fan votes, was presented at the close of the conference along with the rest of the Billboard Touring Awards, which honor the concert industry's top artists and professionals based on actual data compiled through the Billboard Boxscore chart. The conference also included panel sessions, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities for touring industry power players and decision makers.

    The "Legend Of Live" award "honors groups or individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to live music and the touring business, and acknowledges the recipients' commitment to the art of performing live and reaching fans through the concert experience."


    Переводчики: Artur, Picasso
    • CommentTime9/11/2010IsOnline
     # 250
    METALLICA Confirmed For Brazil's ROCK IN RIO Festival - Nov. 9, 2010

    METALLICA has issued the following update:

    "We know it's pretty nutty to announce a show almost a year in advance . . . certainly not something we've ever done before! However, when we were asked to headline the original Rock in Rio, the one actually in Rio de Janeiro (!!), we just couldn't say 'no.' After playing at other Rock in Rio festivals in Lisbon and Madrid years past, it seemed like it would make for a fun break from whatever (??!!) we might be doing a year from now. So we hope you'll dig up a 2011 calendar and mark off September 25, 2011 for a date with 'TALLICA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil."

    Tickets go on sale on November 19, 2010 only at the Rock in Rio official web site, www.rockinrio.com.br. Other points of sale will be available only after July, 1, 2011.

    As previously reported, Brazilian metal acts SEPULTURA and ANGRA have also been confirmed for next year's edition of the Rock In Rio festival, set to take place at the end of September – beginning of October 2011 in "The City Of Rock" in the Olympic Park, in Barra da Tijuca/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both bands will perform on the "heavy metal night" of the event, which debuted in 1985 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and had subsequent editions in 1991 and 2001. The first version of the fest featured performances by OZZY OSBOURNE, QUEEN, AC/DC and others. The 2001 edition featured BRITNEY SPEARS, BECK, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, R.E.M., STING, JAMES TAYLOR and SHERYL CROW.

    The Rock In Rio festivals are massive events, drawing millions of people and a diverse roster of local and international artists.


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    • CommentTime11/11/2010IsOnline
     # 251
    Man Eats Dog Food For METALLICA Tickets (Video) - Nov. 10, 2010

    According to Australia's long-running rock radio station Triple M, a hardcore METALLICA fan went on a Sydney radio show and ate a spoonful of gourmet beef dog food in order to win METALLICA tickets.

    The Triple M 104.9 Sydney drive show "Paul & Rach" was giving away the last tickets to see METALLICA in Sydney this week.

    Five passionate rock fans took part in the competition by appearing on the show, and undergoing a series of awkward challenges had to prove how desperate they were to win what were the last tickets in town.

    The challenges ranged from the simple (picking the correct envelope that held the concert tickets) to the embarassing (kissing another guy).

    Marcello, however, drew the "disgusting" challenge when he was told by Rach that to win he would have to swallow a soupspoon of gourmet dog food.

    Watch video footage of the challenge.


    Переводчики: Mr.Propper
    • CommentTime16/11/2010IsOnline
     # 252
    METALLICA's LARS ULRICH: 'I Take Care Of Three Kids Pretty Much Full Time' - Nov. 13, 2010

    Kathy McCabe of The Advertiser conducted an interview with METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich prior to the band's November 11, 2010 concert at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia. You can now watch the chat below.

    On rock-star life:

    Lars: "So how is rock star life? Today it was scrambled egg whites for breakfast, playing Solitaire on my iPad and I got to watch the last of this movie, 'Carlos', that I started watching on the plane, and here's my blueberry protein shake. As you can tell, it's a little too healthy."

    On being Mr. Mom at home in the San Francisco Bay Area (he has two sons, Myles and Layne, with former wife, Skylar Satenstein, and another boy, Bryce, with partner and "Gladiator" actress Connie Nielsen):

    Lars: "Yes, I am a Mr Mom. I take care of three kids pretty much full time — they are 3, 9 and 12. My main job is being a taxi driver or a chauffeur. I just drive kids around all day. So when I'm on tour, I get a chance to be driven, and handed blueberry protein shakes — without vodka — and to sit and check my lack of hair in this mirror."

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    • CommentTime11/12/2010IsOnline
     # 253
    METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Says He's Not 'Greedy' Or 'Anti-Internet' - Dec. 10, 2010

    Dan Rutledge of Rip It Up magazine conducted an interview with METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich prior to the band's October 2010 concert in Auckland, New Zealand. You can now watch the first part of the chat below.

    On the craziest stuff he's read about himself on the Internet:

    Ulrich: "I don't read a lot of it. I mean, of course, you end up looking at some of it, but you try to... The great thing about the Internet, obviously, is that you have access to information and you can find... [There's] no need for hard copies and if you wanna check out a quick review or what somebody [wrote], it's all there. The bad thing about the Internet, of course, is that it gives everybody an opinion and it gives everybody kind of a... they get a chance to be anonymous. And sometimes, as you know, things that people can write and end up writing are not particularly pleasant or respectful. So I'm pretty thick-skinned and have been pretty thick-skinned for most of my life. As I get a little older, I find myself being less and less interested in... You know, when you are 20 or 30, it's like, 'Oooh, what are people thinking? What are people writing?' As you get to be 150 years old like me, it gets a little less interesting; I don't do it as much. But, obviously, when you start a tour or whatever, your managers, they send you six links, six reviews of the gig or whatever — that type of stuff. But I don't spend a lot of time sitting, Googling myself or finding out what somebody... what they say. I mean, listen, I'm an Internet junkie as much as everybody else is, but not so much about myself; I'm looking for things that are more interesting."

    On the weirdest things he's heard about himself on the Internet:

    Ulrich: "I think probably the weirdest thing in the wake of the Napster thing [METALLICA famously sued the original Napster several years ago for making the band's music available online without its permission. — Ed.] — and I'm not a guy who spends a lot of time defending myself; I [don't] feel this particular need to be combative back — but the one thing about all that Napster stuff... Well, the two things about the Napster stuff that were really weird was that we were anti-Internet... I mean, I have, probably, in my house... I think we have, like, nine computers. We have, like, a computer in every room. I have an iPad, I have, like, three iPhones... I mean, I'm the computer whore. Seriously. I am the reason [Apple head honcho] Steve Jobs has sold half the devices that he has. Trust me. So this whole thing, like, 'Lars Ulrich is anti-Internet.' That one's out there. The other one that came in the wake of all that stuff was the stuff about Lars Ulrich being really greedy. I've always had an incredibly aloof relationship with money. Like, when I didn't have any money, it was not anything that mattered to me. And now that we're fortunate to have some money, it doesn't really play a role in anything we do, it doesn't really play a role in anything I do. I don't sit there and look at my bank balances or count the money or sit there and micro-manage METALLICA... 'If we do this, if we do this, or if we do this... It'll be 17 dollars...' None of that stuff happens at all. I mean, the great thing about being successful is, obviously, in the wake of that comes... It gives you freedom, it gives you freedom to not think about it, actually; that's the best thing. And it gives you freedom to, kind of, put as much money back into the shows and into the travelling and into making it all work. But this thing about, like, we're some sort of Gene Simmons-like people that sit there and count pennies or something like that, it's absolutely preposterous. Those were the two strange things that came in the wake of all that. Are we control freaks? Absolutely. Guilty as charged, your honor. Slap on the wrist, all that stuff. Are we interested in, sort of, managing what happens to 'TALLICA and our songs and our name and all this type of stuff. But anti-Internet? Crazy. And greedy? Absolutely crazy."

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    • CommentTime15/12/2010IsOnline
     # 254
    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH And ANTHRAX Confirmed For U.K.'s SONISPHERE Festival - Dec. 13, 2010

    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX will headline the first night of next year's U.K. installment of the Sonisphere festival, which will take place July 8-10, 2011. Saturday night headliner will be BIFFY CLYRO and Sunday's festival closer is SLIPKNOT.

    Commented METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich: "As soon as the 'Big Four' gigs started rolling across Sonisphere festivals in Eastern Europe last summer, we all felt we were part of something special. The vibe within the bands was more than anyone had anticipated and the vibe with the fans was so next level, it completely blew our minds . . . there was no way this should not happen again!!! So I am beyond psyched that the first 'Big Four' show in Western Europe will take place on the hallowed grounds of Knebworth, where so many unique and special gigs have happened over the years."

    Last summer saw the live debut of the "Big Four" — as this collective of thrash legends are commonly known — marking what was possibly the most significant event in the history of metal. Fans all over Europe could barely contain their excitement, as over 500,000 metalheads bore witness to the show they thought they'd never see.

    The "Big Four" fever did not stop at Europe, as fans the world over eagerly anticipated the possibility of seeing the historical show for themselves in their own countries. Such was the demand that a live cinecast of the Bulgarian show saw over 130,000 people turn out to local cinemas, with reports of mosh pits breaking out in movie theatres across the globe. The recently released DVD of the event, which features all four bands collaborating on a cover of DIAMOND HEAD's "Am I Evil?" as well as their individual sets, has only added fuel to the "Big Four" fire, with a frenzied demand for more performances in the countries not fortunate enough to play host last summer.

    "There is simply no better venue for a European round two of the 'Big Four'!!" METALLICA's Lars Ulrich says. "Put your dancing shoes on, this is gonna be fun!"

    "Always excited to do 'Big Four' shows," says SLAYER's Kerry King. "Now England is in line to be devastated by this heavy metal powerhouse! Can't fucking wait!!!"

    MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine states: "The 'Big Four' concerts are the most important, most exciting event to happen in the history of live concerts in our genre, and perhaps the entire music industry. I am glad to be a part of this enormous celebration of thrash, speed, and good ole heavy metal!"

    "Oh, yeah!!!" proclaims ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante. "Here we come, England! The 'Big Four', BABY! Can't wait to get metal thrashing mad for you thrashers!"

    ANTHRAX bandmate, guitarist Scott Ian, concurs: "Merry early Xmas present for us... more 'Big Four' shows!!! The shows we did together with our brothers in METALLICA, SLAYER and MEGADETH were not only the high point of 2010, but also some of the best shows ANTHRAX have ever played. Getting to share this with our friends in the U.K. will be amazing."


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    • CommentTime17/12/2010IsOnline
     # 255
    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX Confirmed For France's SONISPHERE - Dec. 17, 2010

    The so-called "Big Four" of 1980s thrash metal — METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX — has been confirmed as for the French edition of the Sonisphere festival, set to take place July 8-9, 2011 in Amnéville. Also scheduled to appear is SLIPKNOT. The "Big Four" will perform on Saturday, July 9.

    METALLICA, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX and SLAYER were recently confirmed for their first "Big Four" show of 2011, scheduled for the U.K. edition of the Sonisphere festival on Friday, July 8. This will be the first gig featuring all four groups since they did a series of shows together in Eastern Europe last summer to massive crowds and acclaim.

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich said in a statement, "As soon as the 'Big Four' gigs started rolling across Sonisphere festivals in Eastern Europe last summer, we all felt we were part of something special. The vibe within the bands was more than anyone had anticipated and the vibe with the fans was so next level, it completely blew our minds... there was no way this should not happen again!!!"

    The so-called "Big Four" are arguably the biggest and longest-lasting acts to emerge from the thrash/speed metal underground of the late '80s, but never shared a stage together until this year.

    Ulrich recently told The Pulse Of Radio that there's no competition among the four bands when they play together. "The only competition is for METALLICA to go out and be the best METALLICA it can be every night, or for Lars to go out and try and make it through without one of his arms flying off or, you know, whatever. So the only competition is just really internal. I think that the bands now are so established that it's just not about, like, 'Let's see if we can blow the other guys off,' or, you know, 'Let's see if they can follow that.'"

    It is not clear yet whether more "Big Four" events are planned for next year, although there is strong speculation that more shows in Europe and North America are in the works.


    • CommentTime6/01/2011IsOnline
     # 256
    METALLICA: 'Fade To Black' Photo Exhibition To Be Held In London - Jan. 4, 2011

    According to Classic Rock magazine, a special METALLICA 30th anniversary photo exhibition will take place at Proud Camden in London, England starting next month.

    Titled "Fade To Black: Metallica By Bill Hale", it chronicles the band in their early years, photographed by Hale between 1982 and 1984. This includes the lineup featuring Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney, the first gig with Cliff Burton, the last show in the Bay Area with Mustaine and Kirk Hammett's live debut in San Francisco.

    The exhibition runs from February 3 to April 3.

    For more information, visit Proud.co.uk.

    "Metallica: The Club Dayz", a collection of photographs of METALLICA that were shot by Bill Hale during the band's formative years in the San Francisco Bay Area club circuit between 1982 and 1984, was released in April 2009 via ECW Press.

    As chief photographer of Metal Rendezvous, a groundbreaking heavy rock magazine that was published throughout the '80s, Bill Hale was given unlimited access to hang out with and photograph this then-fledgling metal band. His job at the time was to capture the band onstage and offstage and provide the magazine with unique photographs of the band showcasing their brazen live energy in concert to unveiling some of their crazy and unpredictable backstage antics.

    Bill Hale was right there from the very beginning, capturing the band before, during and after their performances. He was at every one of their early Bay Area shows, without the safety of a photo pit, crushed among the savage crowd as they head-banged fearlessly to the music of their local heroes. Here, for the first time, Bill Hale opens up his photo vault. Witness one of the greatest rock bands of all time during their embryonic stage.

    Influenced musically by the new breed of British metal yet epitomizing the punk rock attitude, METALLICA's loud, snotty and don't-five-a-fuck attitude is very evident in these photographs. Most of the photos in this book have never been published and many of the images have never before been revealed to the public. "Metallica: The Club Dayz" is a long lost chapter of this band's visual history.

    For more infromation, visit Amazon.com.


    Переводчики: PRIEST
    • CommentTime18/01/2011IsOnline
     # 257
    METALLICA Guitarist Joins TOOL On Stage In Hawaii (Video) - Jan. 17, 2011

    METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett joined TOOL on stage during the band's January 14 concert at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. They played a partial cover of METALLICA's "Orion" and before segueing into the TOOL song "Lateralus". Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be viewed below.

    Hammett previously jammed with TOOL at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in August 2006.

    METALLICA wrapped up its two-year-long "World Magnetic" tour on November 21, 2010 with the last of three shows in Melbourne, Australia, bringing to an end a trek that began on September 12, 2008 in Berlin to support the band's ninth studio album, "Death Magnetic". The group issued a statement compiling the tour's numbers, which included "45 countries, 143 arena shows, 34 festival shows, 29 stadium shows, four club/theater shows, three TV/radio shows, two Hall of Fame shows, 3790 songs, and not a single setlist was the same."

    The group played a total of 216 shows in 800 days.

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     # 258
    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX: California 'Big Four' Show Announced - Jan. 25, 2011

    The U.S. edition of the touring rock festival featuring the "Big Four" of 1980s thrash metal — METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX — will take place on Saturday, April 23 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

    Commented METALLICA: "You've probably heard us all say it . . . the vibe was just so incredible at last year's 'Big Four' shows that we can't stop now!! So we're finally bringing the love to our home turf on April 23, 2011 with 'TALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, and ANTHRAX in Indio, California at the Empire Polo Club (yes, the more observant of you will note that this is the same spot where the Coachella festival takes place the weekend before).

    "It's true — this is indeed the only scheduled stop in America this go around, so we're hoping that you can head West to join us. Tickets go on sale this Friday, January 28 at 10 a.m. PST and Fan Club members can check MetClub.com for pre-sale and VIP package info."

    For more information about the show, including ticket pricing and transportation information, check out TheBig4Festival.com.


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     # 259
    METALLICA Drummer Explains Decision To Play One 'Big Four' U.S. Show: 'Let's Take Baby Steps' - Jan. 26, 2011

    As first reported on Tuesday (January 25), METALLICA has announced the details of the U.S. leg of the "Big Four" tour, which unites Eighties thrash metal legends METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX on stage for the first time. Disappointingly, however, there will only be a single North American gig for now, on Saturday, April 23 at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California — the same location where the Coachella festival takes place every year.

    During an appearance on yesterday's edition of "The Kevin & Bean Show" on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM (106.7), METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich explained the decision to play only one U.S. show, stating, "Let's take baby steps here. We did seven or eight ['Big Four' dates] last year, we're doing one show in England and one show in France [this year]."

    He added, "Listen, we don't wanna cram this down people's throats. We don't wanna sort of overstay the welcome, and we don't know what kind of response there's gonna be to this in America, so we're starting, obviously, without being disrespectful to the rest of the wonderful country...

    "We have a history in Southern California, SLAYER has a history in Southern California, [MEGADETH mainman and former METALLICA member Dave] Mustaine has a history in Southern California, so there's a lot of history in California. And we picked, obviously, the Coachella site where this is going down the week after the Coachella, [which] is probably — along with Bonnaroo — the favorite festival site to go to in North America.

    "I went and saw RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE a couple of years ago out there at Coachella and just thought it was a brilliant, brilliant place, so when the Coachella organizers asked us if we would come and play there the week after and they would leave the scaffolding up and all that business, it just seemed like a great way to kick this off in North America.

    "If there is enough demand for it, obviously there's a very strong possibility that there'll be more shows, but we don't wanna overextend the welcome and we also don't wanna turn it into something that becomes this whole nostalgia trip that's gonna sort of be, 'Okay, now it's just gonna be this for the next few years,' and 'Celebrate the past.' So it's a balancing act, you know."

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    METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Doesn't Rule Out Additional 'Big Four' U.S. Dates - Jan. 26, 2011

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich spoke to RollingStone.com about the U.S. leg of the "Big Four" tour.

    "Most of the egos and sandbox issues from the Eighties and Nineties have dissipated," Ulrich said. "We actually enjoy each others' company and are comfortable celebrating the past while continuing our path into the future. It's cool. Who would have known that anybody actually still gives a shit? We're very fortunate."

    He added, "A lot of this music has aged really well. There are a lot of 12-year-olds that show up at these rock shows. It's scary to see a whole slew of 12-year-olds up against the barricade down in the front. It's a great thing to be part of their right of passage."

    Regarding the possibility of additional "Big Four" U.S. dates, Ulrich said, "I'm not saying this is the last one. But I don't want this to turn into something that overtakes everybody's schedules for the next couple years. If we keep it special, it's better than to overstay your welcome and people run screaming away. Let's see what happens."

    Read more from RollingStone.com.

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    METALLICA To Enter Studio In March Or April - Feb. 1, 2011

    Danish tabloid newspaper Ekstra Bladet conducted an interview with METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich last month at the band's headquarters in San Rafael, California. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. (Note: All original Danish-language quotes were translated into English by BLABBERMOUTH.NET.)

    On when the band plans on returning to the studio to begin work on the follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic":

    "There's a really good vibe in the band at the moment. In the past, we would be fed up with METALLICA whenever we returned home after a gigantic world tour, but this time it's different. Therefore it won't be that long before we start working on a new album. I think that we'll probably already get the creative process going in March or April and go into the studio. We really want to get back to METALLICA quickly because we are enjoying it so much right now."

    On how the relationship between the METALLICA bandmembers has changed over the years:

    "It helps our relationships that we've all got families and children and they all get along with each other. We really fucking like each other at the moment. There were a few years when things were really bad. We never really got to talk to each other; we would just grab a bottle of vodka and go out looking for girls. That meant that we weren't sharing our feelings with each other. Today we talk a lot about our children and our families. And the fact that we have something to talk about other than tonight's setlist is or if someone made a mistake during yesterday's show makes a big difference. In the last five or six years, we've found out where our limits are and we've made some rules regarding METALLICA. That's been necessary in order to make sure the entire thing doesn't collapse. For instance, we have a rule that we cannot be on the road for more than two weeks at a time during the school year and we make sure that we spend two weeks at home before going back on tour. That prevents us from burning out and falling into the trap that you can sometimes fall into when you are tired and worn out."

    On playing 215 concerts in 45 countries in support of "Death Magnetic":

    "Of course it's still hard to play that many shows, but the older you get, the less you take success for granted. It's beginning to dawn on us that what we have together is very special and that we're not gonna live forever. It's awesome that a bunch if semi-old farts like us can still travel around the world and thousands of people wanna share that experience with us."

    On the 30th anniversary of his meeting with METALLICA frontman James Hetfield and the band's formation:

    "It's been totally awesome. When I look back, what I'm most proud of is that we've actually survived, that we've lived through the last 30 years and come out of it relatively unscathed and that we are now able to function as a unit, as people and as fathers. We found solutions to the problems that we've had instead of letting internal squabbles destroy the band, which, for instance, happened to our friends in GUNS N' ROSES."

    On whether Danish fans can expect to see METALLICA again anytime soon:

    "The tour schedule hasn't been finalized yet, but as of right now, there are no plans to play Denmark. But let's see what happens. We usually come around every two or three years and our friends from the Roskilde festival also call us every now and then and ask us to play. If it doesn't happen this year, we will play in Denmark in 2012."

    When asked in a December 2008 interview if "Death Magnetic" was a return to form for METALLICA, Ulrich replied. "I don't agree or disagree with it. The more I hear people say they're back and they're back to form. I sort of sit back and scratch my head and wonder, 'Well, we never went anywhere.' And the last time I checked the last several years have been very successful, sold-out concerts and so on. But then I also understand that maybe somehow we are doing something that is a little more of something that people perceive to be classic METALLICA. It's difficult for me to get into that categorization. For me, it's all one kind of ride or journey or whatever it is. But there's a obviously a lot of good will, a lot of love for METALLICA."


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    METALLICA Frontman To Discuss 'Absent' Movie At California Screening - Feb. 4, 2011

    METALLICA guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield will join filmmaker Justin Hunt at the San Rafael California Film Institute in San Rafael, California on Thursday, March 3 in presenting and discussing the award-winning documentary "Absent", exploring the worldwide crisis of absent and disengaged fathers and the negative impact that the "father wound" makes on society. Weaving interviews with participants who speak from observation and personal experience, the film includes on-camera testimony from author John Eldredge, world-champion boxer Johnny Tapia, fitness model Robin Decker and Hetfield. "The father wound is so deep and so all-pervasive in so many parts of the world that its healing could well be the most radical social reform conceivable," says Father Richard Rohr, and this film makes a strong case that this issue is central to the human condition. This special screening will be followed by a question-and-answer session featuring Hetfield and Hunt.

    According to Rockville Magazine, "this topic is of interest to Hetfield since his own father abandoned his family around the age of 13. The METALLICA frontman was interviewed for the film, sharing his personal struggles of dealing with father abandonment issues and how he strives to be a positive father for his three children."

    "My family fell apart," he said in a clip from the film. "I had feelings of abandonment."

    According to The Daily Times, the candid and emotional interview shows a rare side of Hetfield. With a closer look at his lyrics, according to Hunt, there is the pain from the absence of Hetfield's father, Virgil.

    Hunt was granted access to those lyrics as well as the use of six METALLICA songs within the movie. He was also invited back to METALLICA headquarters in San Francisco, where he recorded a voice-over of Hetfield reading song lyrics.

    A trailer for the film can be viewed below.

    For more information, go to this location.



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    METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT Surfing In Hawaii; New Photos Posted Online - Feb. 8, 2011

    Several brand new photos of METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett surfing at The Banzai Pipeline, a surf reef break located in Hawaii, off Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea on O'ahu's North Shore, can be found at Transworld.net.

    Hammett last year announced plans to write his first book, called "Too Much Horror Business". Hammett told RollingStone.com that the book will be all about his favorite genre, saying, "Horror movie posters, toys, artwork, comic books, the whole thing. It's something I've been into ever since I can remember. I remember finding my first monster magazine in San Francisco when I was six years old."


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    METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT Remembers GARY MOORE - Feb. 9, 2011

    Days after the news came down that legendary guitarist Gary Moore died, METALLICA's Kirk Hammett called RollingStone.com from his home in Hawaii to talk about his guitar idol. An excerpt from his remembrance follows below.

    "Gary Moore is definitely in my list of top five guitar influences, right up with Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Michael Schenker. His influence is strong to the point that the opening lick of the guitar solo of 'Master of Puppets' is a variation of a lick that Gary Moore played a lot. I remember the first time hearing his blues album and just getting totally blown away — not only by the playing but by the sound of it too, his tone. And I remember being so inspired that I wrote a couple riffs just based on his sound and his feel. And those riffs ended up in 'The Unforgiven' on 'The Black Album'.

    "I first heard of him in the late 1970s. I was a big THIN LIZZY fan then. I had seen them on the 'Dangerous' tour and not long afterwards I heard there was a new album out called 'Black Rose'. I heard 'Waiting For An Alibi' on a college radio station and I was amazed because I instantly knew that they had a different guitar player. That was not Brian Robertson playing or Scott Gorham playing that guitar solo. It was…something else. I went to the record store and picking up 'Black Rose', looked at the cover, turned it over and saw a guitar player named Gary Moore."


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     # 265
    METALLICA Drummer Sued By Former Personal Assistant - Feb. 9, 2011

    According to the Marin Indepedent Journal, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich is being sued by his former personal assistant Steven Wiig for what Wiig claims was years of unpaid overtime. Wiig, 38, says in his lawsuit that he was employed by Ulrich from 2001 to 2009, sometimes working up to 70 hours a week while Ulrich was at home and up to 80 hours a week while METALLICA was on tour. Wiig says he worked as Ulrich's chauffeur, managed his art collection, arranged scheduling and performed numerous other tasks and errands on request.

    Read the entire report from the Marin Indepedent Journal.


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     # 266
    KIRK HAMMETT Says METALLICA Is Working On Secret Project - Feb. 10, 2011

    METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed to RollingStone.com in a brand new interview that the band will head back into the studio in May to begin a new project. "We want to record it in two weeks," Hammett said. "We had planned on doing it in March, but we pushed it back to May. I don't want to give too much away, but it's not really 100 percent a METALLICA record. It's a recording project, let's put it that way. Without getting too deep into it, it's more a recording project than a bona fide METALLICA album. Whether or not we can pull it off in just two weeks remains to be seen."

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich hinted in an interview that the band plans to enter the studio this spring and begin working on material for its 10th album. Ulrich first told The Pulse Of Radio that the group was thinking of getting back to work in "March or April" and made similar comments to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, telling the paper, "In the past, we would be fed up with METALLICA whenever we returned home after a gigantic world tour, but this time it's different."


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    LARS ULRICH: METALLICA Has 'No Plans' To Resurrect 'Lost' Recordings - Feb. 15, 2011

    According to The Pulse Of Radio, METALLICA will not revert to their ten-year-old sessions from Presidio in San Francisco for their new album. The group's drummer Lars Ulrich states that the band did not use any of those 'lost' recordings on their 2008 album, "Death Magnetic", nor do they wish to revisit them for new material they will work on this spring.

    Ulrich told The Pulse Of Radio, "There's certainly no plans right now. The Presidio was a real awkward time as we were kind of getting our feet wet again and when we were doing the whole 'Death Magnetic' stuff, we didn't go back and wade through hours and hours of Presidio stuff to try and see what could be resurrected."

    The Presidio sessions were abandoned after frontman James Hetfield entered rehab for an extended period. When the band later regrouped, they started fresh and recorded the album, "St. Anger".

    METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett told RollingStone.com that the band will hit the studio in May to begin work on a mysterious new "recording project" that may not exactly be an album. Hammett elaborated, "We want to record it in two weeks. We had planned on doing it in March, but we pushed it back to May. I don't want to give too much away, but it's not really 100 percent a METALLICA record. It's a recording project, let's put it that way. Without getting too deep into it, it's more a recording project than a bona fide METALLICA album. Whether or not we can pull it off in just two weeks remains to be seen."

    One question, however, is how any new record would come out, since Ulrich told The Pulse Of Radio that METALLICA's contract with Warner Music Group is now done. "I do believe that we are without a record contract for the next record, so we'll come around to that one," he said. "I certainly at this point cannot say anything about what's gonna happen with the next record. It's not a conversation we've had, or at least not any conversation I've been part of in the last couple of years, and it's kind of cool to have nothing but options. So we'll see how it plays out."

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    Vinyl Re-Issues Return

    Vinyl is back as we close out the re-issue series with the final three albums all in the pipeline now. First up is "Garage Inc.," available in the Official Metallica Store this Thursday, February 24 and at your favorite record store next week on Tuesday, March 1 in North America. It hits the streets one month later on March 28 in the rest of the world, but you can pre-order it now here: Garage Inc. 3LP - Garage Inc. 6LP

    Just like the previous releases, there will be two packages. Because "Garage Inc." was originally released as a double CD, the vinyl sets will include a three disc gatefold package for the 33.3 version and a box set with six discs for the 180 gram, 45 rpm deluxe edition. All the music was half speed mastered from the original analog tapes at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA to bring you audiophile quality.

    A limited edition pressing of 100 copies of a white vinyl version of the deluxe box set will be available for MetClub.com members and on www.becausesoundmatters.com on this Thursday, February 24 at 1:00 PM PST

    "S&M" is up next . . . look for that release in April.

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     # 269
    Big 4 To Sweden!

    One more show . . .
    The final announcement in our recent series of European adventures finds us in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 3, 2011. Of course Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer will all be there for our first Big 4 show in Scandinavia!
    Tickets go on sale Monday, March 7 at 9:00 AM local time. Met Club members should check MetClub.com for more details about a special pre-sale this week.
    That’s it with announcements . . . for now!

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     # 270
    METALLICA's LARS ULRICH: I've Always Admired DAVE MUSTAINE - Apr. 9, 2011

    In honor of the hugely-anticipated "Big Four" festival in Indio, California on April 23, Revolver magazine has put out the "Big Four" special collector's issue, chronicling the history of thrash metal's most legendary bands. The magazine is on newsstands now, as well as available online here. While making the issue, Revolver talked to some of the "Big Four"'s most heralded musicians, including METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich. A few excerpts from the magazine follow below.

    Revolver: Lars, how much attention did you pay MEGADETH early on?

    Ulrich: I don't remember getting into that first record, but when "Peace Sells" came out in '86, it just blew me away. That was right up my alley. That literally became my favorite record for a long time. Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH mainman and former METALLICA guitarist] would come up and play San Francisco a lot. And I would always go find him, and we would drink and do lots of drugs and sit around. For those years, '84, '85, me and him got over our issues really quickly at that time.

    I remember at the "...And Justice For All" tour, we played down in Irvine Meadows [near Los Angeles], and Dave came down and hung out at the last couple of shows at the "Justice" tour. This might have been '89, and we'd just hang out. I remember actually when we finished the "...And Justice For All" album in L.A., in the summer of '88, I went to some apartment and played it for him at 5 in the morning. We were sitting there, playing "Blackened" and a bunch of other stuff while we were busy keeping ourselves awake. Me and Dave had kind of a friendship and cool thing going at that time, up through most of the '80s.

    It wasn't until both bands started getting bigger that this whole kind of thing started happening in the press, which was really kind of different than what we had going between us. There was almost like two relationships there. The press loved the whole MEGADETH-METALLICA [rivalry]. And I sort of think it got a life of its own. And in some way, you could argue that the thing press was doing, about setting our bands up, eventually started kind of transcending itself into our personal relationship and probably became a big part of the fact that over the '90s, it got a little frosty at times. You know what I mean?

    Revolver: When do you feel you rekindled your friendship?

    Ulrich: Dude, it's been so on and off over the years. We played a bunch of shows with them '93, towards the end of the "Black Album" cycle, where they played with us in Europe, where we were very close again for a while. We hung out again in, fuck, I think '99 at Milton Keynes, in England. And I think Dave came up and was kinda on a promotion tour of his new record, and he came up and hung out at the show and I remember him playing songs off "Risk". We would always hang out when we were in the same city.

    The time where it got the chilliest, where there was an obvious stop in communication, was after [the METALLICA documentary] "Some Kind Of Monster" came out, and that whole thing with that scene in there, which we don't have to go into. [Referring to the encounter between Ulrich and Mustaine, who was kicked out of METALLICA in 1983. The meeting took place on September 13, 2001, at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in San Francisco, California, and was refereed by band therapist Phil Towle. — Ed.] That stopped for about four or five years or whatever.

    But other than that, up through the '90s, we would see other here and there. We would hang out. It would be all good. There were just two parallel trajectories. There was this big METALLICA-MEGADETH thing in the press, and then there was Lars and Dave hanging out, kind of doing their thing on the side, which was at times a little odd. You'd go, "Wait a minute. I'm supposed to not like this guy 'cause that's what's in this week's Kerrang!" It was kind of weird.

    Revolver: Obviously things are on the up and up now. One of the most touching parts of the bonus documentary on the "Big 4" DVD is when you tell Dave how much your son loves his band.

    Ulrich: Myles, my oldest, is a huge MEGADETH fan. And for a while. a couple of years ago, on the commute to school, we'd go through these phases, whether it's RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE or SYSTEM OF A DOWN. And there was a phase where we were listening to a lot of MEGADETH. And his favorite song was "Hook In Mouth" [off "So Far, So Good... So What!"]. So there was a while there, three or four years ago now, where basically I would wake up in the morning and get my kids ready for school, and get in my car at 7:40 in the morning and start blasting "Hook In Mouth" for the morning commute to school there. [Laughs] Sort of a different vibe from 15 years earlier.

    On members of the four bands — METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX — getting up on stage at jamming on DIAMOND HEAD's "Am I Evil?" in Sofia, Bulgaria in July 2010:

    Ulrich: There was a time, sure, when there was a competitive edge to all of us, but I really don't feel that anymore. No matter how much anybody will push it in the press, or how many people don't buy it, I can tell you hand-on-heart that there's no competitive edge. It's not a bunch of 27-year-olds trying to see who's got the biggest dick. ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, SLAYER, METALLICA, we all kind of have our own little niche, our own little unique place. So it's not sorta like, Who's better at this? 'Cause at the end of the day, we all do our own thing. And when it comes to drums, Dave Lombardo [SLAYER] is, by far and away, God. There's no competitive edge, but if there was, Dave would win. Lombardo could kick the rest of our asses with just a whip of his little finger. So there was no competitive edge. That's the thing that I can truly say is the biggest difference now.

    If someone had said 15 years ago, "Let's try and do this," people probably would have sat there and grumbled over this and that. But now, all four of us do our own thing, and we celebrate the fact that everybody's unique and individual. And maybe it kind of just took everybody going through what we've all been through getting to this place. I don't know if it would've been possible 20 years ago.

    Revolver: Lars, what was it like for you to be playing with Mustaine again?

    Ulrich: It was great. Listen, I've always admired him. He's an incredibly talented musician. Playing with him, it's not awkward. It was one of those moments you want to slow down. It was cool to see it again when I looked at the DVD. You could tell there was just a good vibe. And I hope that people kind of relate to that.


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