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    • CommentTime21/03/2009IsOnline
     # 61
    METALLICA's 'Secret' Show In Austin: Photos, Video, Report Available - Mar. 21, 2009

    METALLICA played a "secret" gig earlier tonight (Friday, March 20) at Stubb's Bar-B-Q in Austin, Texas as part of the "Guitar Hero: Metallica" showcase during the Texas capital's annual South By Southwest music and media festival.

    According to Keyetv.com, a dozen Austin police officers and 75 security guards were nearby for the show, which kicked off at 10:00 p.m. local time. Only 2,100 fans were let in.

    The Stubb's manager said earlier in the day that he expected to turn away more than 5,000 people.

    METALLICA's setlist was as follows:

    01. Creeping Death
    02. For Whom The Bell Tolls
    03. Harvester Of Sorrow
    04. One
    05. Broken, Beat & Scarred
    06. Cyanide
    07. Sad But True
    08. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    09. Master Of Puppets
    10. Blackened
    - - - - - - - -
    11. Breadfan
    12. Whiplash
    13. Seek & Destory

    A full report, including photos of the concert, can be found at Austin360.com.

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    • CommentTime23/03/2009IsOnline
     # 62
    METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD Makes His ROCK HALL Wish List - Mar. 21, 2009

    METALLICA's James Hetfield has told MTV.com that he's got an entire list of hard-rock acts that he believes should be joining his band in the Rock and Hall of Fame — and he's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to help their cause.

    "MOTÖRHEAD, for sure, DEEP PURPLE, RUSH, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN and even stuff before that ... STEPPENWOLF. It's crazy that TED NUGENT is not there; that dude is about as rock and roll as it gets. ALICE COOPER, KISS ... that's a pretty good list," he said. "These are bands that represent history and mean a lot to so many people. I think that alone means they should be in there too."

    Video footage of Hetfield talking about which bands should be inducted: http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/356819/metallicas-james-hetfield-names-names-for-the-hall.jhtml

    Regarding METALLICA's upcoming induction, Hetfield said, "It's very cool. I think we've paid our dues, and we've got a few fans who probably think the same thing. There's a lot of gratitude around it, the fact that we were acknowledged, and that, hopefully, we can help get some heavy music in. [Ideally] we'd kick the door open even further for some friends of ours — we've got a lot of friends that want to come in and be noted and represent a big part of rock and roll history."

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    • CommentTime23/03/2009IsOnline
     # 63
    HAMMETT Says JASON NEWSTED Will 'Most Likely' Perform With METALLICA At ROCK HALL Induction - Mar. 21, 2009

    Flea of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS will induct METALLICA at the sold-out Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday, April 4, at Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio.

    "It's cool that he's not in a heavy metal band but is a well-respected musician you might not expect," METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett told Billboard.com. Former bassist Jason Newsted will join the band that night and will "most likely" perform with the group," Hammett told About.com. "He put in 14 years with METALLICA, so I think there's no reason for him not to be there," he said. Drummer Lars Ulrich told Billboard.com that the evening "will be like a family reunion — a whole big pile of people, lots of friends."

    The event will be televised live on Fuse and available online at www.fuse.tv.

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    • CommentTime23/03/2009IsOnline
     # 64
    METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Talks 'Guitar Hero' - Mar. 21, 2009

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich recently spoke to Blender.com about "Guitar Hero: Metallica" (out March 29), which features 28 songs spanning the hard rockers' entire career, plus 21 tracks by the likes of MOTÖRHEAD, LYNYRD SKYNYRD and MASTODON. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

    Blender.com: How did you decide the list of songs? Were there any fights between the four of you?

    Lars Ulrich: No fights. It really wasn't that difficult to put together. Since we're pretty much equally proud of the whole journey — there's not a particular era that's extra-nauseating to think back on — we tried to pretty evenly represent all the different phases of METALLICA, from "Kill 'Em All" all the way through "Death Magnetic". There are some hits — it's difficult for me to say that word with a straight face; putting the word hit and METALLICA together is always awkward. So there are a few of the well-known toe-tappers, plus a few shredder songs, a few deeper album cuts and some cover stuff. The only thing that got a little hairy toward the end was the master tapes for "Kill 'Em All" were nowhere to be found. So we looked at a couple of options. Number one: Do we rerecord the songs? I believe that's what AEROSMITH did for some of their stuff that was missing. Or you can use live versions. But lo and behold, the master tapes for "Kill 'Em All" were located in a basement in New Jersey — sort of a ninth-inning type of thing — and three tracks from "Kill 'Em All" were included. Turns out the masters were in the basement of our first manager, Johny Zazula.

    Blender.com: Which of the game's songs do you consider a sentimental favorite?

    Lars Ulrich: "Hit the Lights", because it was the first song that me and James sort of did together — it appeared on the "Metal Massacre" compilation album back in the day. "Hit the Lights" reminds me of the garage in Norwalk, California, at 13004 Curtis & King Rd. That was where James Hetfield and [original bassist] Ron McGovney shared a house together and METALLICA came to life in 1982. We spent our time drinking Schnapps and Goldschläger and cheap beer, eating crappy food and putting all these early songs together. The house was unceremoniously demolished 10 to 15 years ago to make way for the fuckin' 110 freeway.

    Read more from Blender.com.

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    • CommentTime23/03/2009IsOnline
     # 65
    METALLICA: New North American Tour Dates Announced - Mar. 23, 2009

    METALLICA's web site has been updated with the following message:

    "European summer vacation part 2,347 will end on August 2, so that can only mean one thing ... more dates in the U.S. and Canada! We just rocked Austin at SXSW and are super-psyched that we'll be back in North America visiting our friends in the fall as the World Magnetic Tour keeps rolling on. We had an amazing time on the last run in '08 and early '09 and we are so ready to do it again!"

    The dates are as follows:

    Sep. 14 - Nashville, TN - Sommet Center
    Sep. 15 - Cincinnati, OH - US Bank Arena
    Sep. 17 - Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
    Sep. 19 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
    Sep. 28 - San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center
    Sep. 29 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
    Oct. 01 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Bank Atlantic Center
    Oct. 03 - Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum
    Oct. 04 - Atlanta, GA - Phillips Arena
    Oct. 12 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre
    Oct. 13 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
    Oct. 15 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
    Oct. 17 - Charlottesville, VA - JPJ Arena
    Oct. 18 - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Bobcats Arena
    Oct. 26 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre
    Oct. 29 - Ottawa, ON - Scotiabank Place
    Oct. 31 - Quebec City, QC - Colisee Pepsi
    Nov. 09 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena
    Nov. 10 - Buffalo, NY - HSBC Arena
    Nov. 12 - Albany, NY - Times Union Center
    Nov. 14 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
    Dec. 05 - Las Vegas, NV - Mandalay Bay
    Dec. 07 - Boise, ID - Idaho Center
    Dec. 08 - Sacramento, CA - ARCO Arena
    Dec. 10 - Anaheim, CA - Honda Center
    Dec. 12 - San Jose, CA - HP Pavillion

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    • CommentTime24/03/2009IsOnline
     # 66
    METALLICA's LARS ULRICH On Major Labels, LIVE NATION And 'Guitar Hero'; Video Available - Mar. 24, 2009

    METALLICA was in Austin last week for a not-so-secret show at the South by Southwest music festival designed to promote the Guitar Hero: Metallica, due out this month. The band's drummer, Lars Ulrich, spoke to Todd Martens of the Los Angeles Times and set the record straight on key issues facing the group, including its relationship with its longtime label Warner Music Group and the proposed Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger.

    On whether METALLICA needs a major label:

    "Without offending any of the good people from the record company in the room, no. Let's cut to the chase. . . . The primary — not the only, but the primary — function of a record label is to act as a bank. When you're fortunate enough to be successful and so on, you don't need to rely on record companies as the banks. . . .

    "We're doing a bunch of shows with Trent [Reznor, NINE INCH NAILS] this summer in Europe. I look forward to sitting down and talking to him about what's on his radar."

    On the proposed merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster:

    "We haven't sold out to Live Nation, and we are certainly not planning on it. And we are very, very fortunate that we do not need what they offer to continue to be who we are.

    "Certainly, some of the practices that come in the wake of this — like direct reselling and all the stuff that Bruce [Springsteen] was up against in January and some of these other things — obviously are very distasteful, and downright . . . it's just ripping people off. It's impure. So obviously I'd stand up and scream from every rooftop that I think that's . . . impure."

    On being affiliated with the Guitar Hero machine:

    "When we got a chance to do this — and hopefully score another couple years of being semi-cool in our kid's eyes by having our own video game — this is something we jumped at pretty quickly. The bigger questions about brandings and perceptions? I really believe that if we sit here five years from now or 10 years . . . it'll be a fairly standard way of releasing music."

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    • CommentTime25/03/2009IsOnline
     # 67
    KIRK HAMMETT Confirms JASON NEWSTED Will Perform With METALLICA At ROCK HALL Induction - Mar. 25, 2009

    METALLICA is less than two weeks away from its induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the band has confirmed that former bassist Jason Newsted will attend the ceremony. Guitarist Kirk Hammett also told The Pulse of Radio that Newsted will perform with the group at the event as well. "Jason Newsted will be there, and he will be playing with us at one point," he said. "We went as a band when BLACK SABBATH was being inducted, and at that time BLONDIE was also being inducted that night. And there was so many politics and so much drama that, you know, we collectively said to each other, 'We don't want any of that,' because it kind of, it puts a really bad, sour note on the whole celebration itself."

    Hammett also told The Pulse of Radio that the band is in the midst of deciding what songs it will play at the ceremony.

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    • CommentTime27/03/2009IsOnline
     # 68
    METALLICA: 'The Club Dayz' Photo Book Coming Next Week - Mar. 27, 2009

    ECW Press has set an April 1 release date for "Metallica: The Club Dayz", a collection of photographs of the legendary rock band METALLICA that were shot by renowned metal photographer Bill Hale during the band's formative years in the San Francisco Bay Area club circuit between 1982 and 1984.

    This book contains rare and exclusive photographs from six of the band's earliest performances including their first shows in San Francisco at The Stone and The Old Waldorf, which featured the original lineup with Dave Mustaine (guitar) and Ron McGovney (bass), Cliff Burton's introductory gig with the band at The Stone, the last METALLICA show with Dave Mustaine in San Francisco, and Kirk Hammett's METALLICA debut in the Bay area.

    As chief photographer of Metal Rendezvous, a groundbreaking heavy rock magazine that was published throughout the '80s, Bill Hale was given unlimited access to hang out with and photograph this then-fledgling metal band. His job at the time was to capture the band onstage and offstage and provide the magazine with unique photographs of the band showcasing their brazen live energy in concert to unveiling some of their crazy and unpredictable backstage antics.

    Bill Hale was right there from the very beginning, capturing the band before, during and after their performances. He was at every one of their early Bay Area shows, without the safety of a photo pit, crushed among the savage crowd as they head-banged fearlessly to the music of their local heroes. Here, for the first time, Bill Hale opens up his photo vault. Witness one of the greatest rock bands of all time during their embryonic stage.

    Influenced musically by the new breed of British metal yet epitomizing the punk rock attitude, METALLICA's loud, snotty and don't-five-a-fuck attitude is very evident in these photographs. Most of the photos in this book have never been published and many of the images have never before been revealed to the public. "Metallica: The Club Dayz" is a long lost chapter of this band's visual history.

    For more infromation, visit Amazon.com.

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    • CommentTime27/03/2009IsOnline
     # 69
    Commercial Radio Station In Kansas To Air METALLICA For Entire Day - Mar. 27, 2009

    In conjunction with the METALLICA digital boxset release on April 14, the 50,000-watt commercial radio station KMKF 101.5 FM K-ROCK in Northeast Kansas is scheduling an entire day of METALLICA music for April Fools Day. Starting at 6:00 a.m. Central Standard Time on April 1, 101.5 FM K-ROCK will play almost every METALLICA song available in the digital box set, including all songs from every studio release from 1983's "Kill 'Em All" through 2008's "Death Magnetic". K-ROCK will also play tracks from 1987's "Garage Days Re-Revisited", 2000's "Garage Inc." release as well as selected tracks from the 2003 "Binge And Purge" live box set.

    Listeners can see more information on K-ROCK and check out the all-day METALLICA broadcast online at the station's web site, www.purerock.com.

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    • CommentTime27/03/2009IsOnline
     # 70
    METALLICA's HAMMETT: 'We Don't Hold Sweden Responsible' For CLIFF BURTON's Death - Mar. 27, 2009

    An audio interview with METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett conducted by the Stockholm radio station Bandit Rock 106-3 when the band was in Sweden earlier this month is available for streaming at this location: http://www.bandit.se/webbradio/frameset.php?type=audio&id=3463 .

    "It's always good to be in Sweden," Kirk says in the interview. "I know you guys think that we're traumatized by the whole Cliff Burton thing [on September 27, 1986, METALLICA's bassist Cliff Burton died in a tragic bus acccident in Sweden — Ed.], but that's really not the case. We don't hold Sweden responsible or any of that. But I feel that every time people say, 'Welcome to Sweden,' and I say, 'It's good to be back in Sweden,' and people are like, 'Wait a second. Didn't you have a tragic event happen here?' But, like I said, that could have happened anywhere, and we don't really blame Sweden as a whole for that — it's ridiculous to. . . We do talk about it on occasion. We were talking about Cliff Burton just a couple of days ago. We got on to the subject of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we just started talking about how cool it would have been if Cliff was there to experience it."

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    • CommentTime29/03/2009IsOnline
     # 71
    JASON NEWSTED On METALLICA's ROCK HALL Induction: 'The Black Album Band Will Be Back Together' - Mar. 27, 2009

    Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted has confirmed to RollingStone.com that he's going to perform with the band at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with guitarist James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett, and the man who replaced him, bassist Robert Trujillo. "The 'black album' band will be back together and mow the shit down," he is quoted as saying. Newsted says former bassist Ron McGovney will also be on hand for the honors, as will Ray Burton, the father of the man Newsted replaced, the late Cliff Burton.

    "There's three bass players getting inducted, and James, Lars and Kirk," he tells RollingStone.com. Former guitarist Dave Mustaine, who now fronts MEGADETH, will not be inducted, however. "It's not my decision," Jason says. "I have nothing to do with that. It was decided by the band, and I think it was just a hard-and-fast rule… anyone who has recorded on any METALLICA recordings that have been released to the public as an official release were invited to the induction. So, that's kind of that."

    According to Newsted, it was Ulrich who made the "very recent" call, inviting him to Cleveland for the induction. "I talked to Lars, and it's all good," Newsted says. "I was happy to hear from him. I hadn't talked to him for a long time, so it was nice to hear his voice."

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    • CommentTime29/03/2009IsOnline
     # 72
    'Guitar Hero: Metallica' Gets NASCAR Treatment - Mar. 27, 2009

    Activision Publishing Inc.'s "Guitar Hero Metallica" will be the primary sponsor on the No. 8 Chevrolet driven by Aric Almirola for this weekend’s Goody's Fast Pain Relief 500 at Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, Virginia.
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    • CommentTime2/04/2009IsOnline
     # 73
    METALLICA Spokesperson: NEWSTED And TRUJILLO Will Both Play At ROCK HALL Induction - Apr. 1, 2009

    A day after former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted told Billboard.com that his replacement, Robert Trujillo, would not take part in the performance part of Saturday night's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland, a spokesman for the group's label, Warner Bros. Records, clarified that "Jason and Robert will both be playing METALLICA's induction songs." He did not indicate what the songs would be or if Newsted and Trujillo would be on stage together or separately.

    METALLICA is flying in from Paris, where the group plays Wednesday and Thursday nights, with plans to rehearse with Newsted at soundcheck on Friday.

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    • CommentTime2/04/2009IsOnline
     # 74
    METALLICA Breaks O2 Attendance Record… Again! - Apr. 1, 2009

    Not content with attracting the largest audience ever at the O2 arena back in September last year, the mighty METALLICA smashed their own record on Saturday night (March 28).

    19,017 fans helped the band set a new high at the world's most popular venue. The feat was made all the more extraordinary by being the third METALLICA date at the arena in six months.

    The fan-club-only show in September 2008 set a benchmark of 18,000, which stood until Saturday night. It celebrated the release of latest album "Death Magnetic".

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    • CommentTime3/04/2009IsOnline
     # 75
    METALLICA: French Show To Be Filmed For Upcoming DVD? - Apr. 2, 2009

    According to the April 2009 issue of Live Design magazine, METALLICA will take part in a DVD shoot of the band's current "Death Magnetic" tour in July in the south of France. Speculation is that the show being filmed is the July 7, 2009 concert in Nimes, France at The Antic Arena, which is part of the Festival de Nimes. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed.

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    • CommentTime3/04/2009IsOnline
     # 76
    MEGAFORCE RECORDS, ANTHRAX Drummer Comment On METALLICA's ROCK HALL Induction - Apr. 2, 2009

    Megaforce Records has released the following statement:

    "Megaforce Records congratulates METALLICA on their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. It's astoundingly poignant that this band that crossed our path in 1983, and in many ways was the impetus for Megaforce even starting as a label, would reach such importance. It's probably safe to say METALLICA are the most important American rock band in the history of music.

    "The genesis of METALLICA's growth and independence is important in these tempestuous days in the music industry. When pretty much nobody would sign METALLICA, we kicked and scratched to raise money. We had no idea what we were doing and we had little funds, but it was something we believed in. Megaforce had the wherewithal of releasing both 'Kill 'Em All' and 'Ride The Lightning'. Looking back, METALLICA gave us more than the leverage and stature to release more artists — they raised the bar for everyone."

    Jonny and Marsha Zazula, Megaforce Records co-founders, stated: "We always believed in METALLICA from their very first krunch. It's no surprise to us that we are all gathered in Cleveland for this well-deserved amazing Metallibash! Keep bangin' that head."

    Alan Becker, SVP of RED Distribution (formerly Important Distribution): "Jonny Z would come to our warehouse looking for import vinyl. One day he walked into our office and said he wanted to start a rock label and release this band METALLICA. From that day, METALLICA and Megaforce Records forever changed our lives, the music community, and set the stage for other underground artists and labels.

    "We shipped a few thousand units of 'Kill Em All'. I still remember the catalog number Megaforce MRI 069. I had never seen anything like it. METALLICA's fans had amazing ears and word of mouth was crazy. Stores we never knew existed were calling us out of nowhere.

    "Because of 'Kill 'Em All', we went from local to national distributor. Everyone who worked on behalf of METALLICA and Megaforce, both then and now, owe them and Jonny and Marsha Zazula and later on, Missi Callazzo, a debt of gratitude; and if not for them, this would be a very different company and music world today."

    Charlie Benante, ANTHRAX drummer, on METALLICA: "I've been around since the beginning of the METALLICA/Megaforce days. I saw Kirk's first show, bottles of booze being emptied, food fights, and much more. The one thing that was always evident was the music, it made you want to get out of your seat and act out. Who would've thought that all of these years later it would come to this? The Hall Of Fame! Congrats to the boys! Let's empty some bottles in Cleveland! Whooo hooo!"

    Missi Callazzo, Megaforce co-President: "METALLICA's ethos of doing it themselves became Megaforce's ethos as well. "Still today, most everything we do comes from those beginning days and the attitude that we can do anything, with or without money — it's a great lesson for any new artist just beginning. On behalf of Megaforce, may METALLICA celebrate this tremendous honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame."

    History of Megaforce: Started in 1982 as the home of METALLICA, this little label in New Jersey named Megaforce started for the right reason — to release great music, period. Megaforce has gone on to sell over 25 million albums and continues its search for unique artists.

    Originally issued on July 25, 1983 through Megaforce Records, "Kill 'Em All" was recorded in two weeks on a miniscule budget in upstate New York. Although only 1,500 copies were initially pressed, the album was reissued by Elektra Records after the band signed to that label in 1984 and has since been certified triple platinum for sales of more than three million copies.

    The original title of "Kill 'Em All" was "Metal Up Your Ass".

    The album's opening cut, "Hit the Lights", was the first song that frontman James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich wrote together after forming METALLICA. An early version of the track appeared on the 1982 compilation "Metal Massacre".

    Lead guitarist Dave Mustaine was replaced by Kirk Hammett shortly before recording commenced, although Mustaine still has several writing credits on the disc and went on to form MEGADETH.

    A number of songs from the album are still part of METALLICA's set list to this day, including "The Four Horsemen", "Seek and Destroy" and "No Remorse".

    METALLICA has since gone on to become one of the biggest rock bands in the world, selling tens of millions of copies of its eight studio albums, including 15 million alone of 1991's self-titled "black album." The band's ninth effort, "Death Magnetic", was released in September 2008.

    Metal Blade Records owner and CEO Brian Slagel conducted interviews with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich of METALLICA to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the band's debut album, "Kill 'Em All". Watch the interview in two parts: part 1, part 2.

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    • CommentTime4/04/2009IsOnline
     # 77
    JAMES HETFIELD On ARMANI Photo: I Was Holding My Wife's Bag - Apr. 3, 2009

    Seth Colter Walls of Newsweek.com recently conducted an interview with METALLICA guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

    Newsweek: How about this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame business? Is that really "metal?"

    Hetfield: It certainly wasn't in my mind, even two years ago. Then we had the good fortune to go play and induct BLACK SABBATH, and that's when it hit me: hey, aren't we eligible? It is somewhat surreal. One of the greatest things is that we're still relevant, still enjoying each other's company, still making heavy music. We are going to make it as much of a family reunion as possible.

    Newsweek: Have you invited Dave Mustaine, even though you and Lars Ulrich fired him?

    Hetfield: I would have to say we cast the net very wide, including Mustaine. I want everyone possible to show up. You've seen the ridiculous drama, like with VAN HALEN, that totally messes everything up. I don't get it. This is a celebration of life and accomplishment, not by your means only.

    Newsweek: Is it exhausting, keeping up the right image for the fans? You were widely mocked last year when a photo of you shopping at an Armani store surfaced. (See picture below.)

    Hetfield: It's awesome. I welcome that. We've got such passion around METALLICA, making fun of us or completely worshiping. There's passion there, and that's what matters. When I'm holding my wife's bag in front of—

    Newsweek: So it wasn't your bag? You weren't shopping at Armani?

    Hetfield: It was not mine. But it really doesn't matter. It's summertime, and I've got flip-flops and shorts on. We're kicking it. That's what I wear. People's image of what you're supposed to be is really amazing. Maybe you're a full-on headbanger from Latvia and you just don't see me like that very often. Or even fans in America — they love to poke fun and rip you to shreds, but if you're laughing, they can't.

    Newsweek: You recently met with ACRASSICAUDA, the Iraqi metal band who have been resettled as refugees in America (see video below). How was that?

    Hetfield: I'm amazed by the fact that there was a heavy-metal band in Iraq, and that they got the attention. And that they have this passion, and society is crushing it, but they find a way to keep going. When they showed up [at our concert], it was a pretty big deal. At first they were cowering. They literally turned and put their faces against the wall. It was just a different culture. But I was open and outspoken and in their face, which is very unlike what they were able to do. And, man, within moments, though, they saw the love and they felt pretty comfortable. Handing over that guitar was a pretty big deal to me. Here's the key, open it. Welcome to America.

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    • CommentTime5/04/2009IsOnline
     # 78
    METALLICA Performs With Two Bassists At ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME - Apr. 4, 2009

    METALLICA played "Master Of Puppets" and "Enter Sandman" at tonight's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, with the band's former bassist Jason Newsted and his replacement, Robert Trujillo, both taking part in the performance (the group played as a five-piece). They also led a "surprise jam" at the end of the night consisting of "Train Kept A Rollin'", with RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS' Flea, LED ZEPPELIN's Jimmy Page, AEROSMITH's Joe Perry and Jeff Beck.

    METALLICA was inducted by RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS bassist Flea. With his hair dyed blue and wearing a vintage METALLICA T-shirt under a green blazer, Flea recalled the first time he heard METALLICA, in 1984 while on tour with the PEPPERS. It was 3 in the morning, they were tired, crammed into a van and sick of being on the road, and "this music comes on the radio, and I couldn't believe that it fucking existed," Flea said, according to MTV.com, as guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield jokingly covered his daughter's ears. "It was like I had been living in this normal world, where I knew what everything was that came on the radio, and all of a sudden my mind was being blown by this beautiful, violent thing that was unlike anything I had ever heard before in my life."

    Flea profanely described staring at the radio in awe at this music that was explosive, precise, aggressive and intense, with wild and bizarre rhythm changes that he couldn't describe. "I didn't know what it was; the only thing I knew for sure was that it was a mighty thing," he said of "Fight Fire with Fire", likening METALLICA's unique sound to a rarified "cosmic chemistry" and paying moving homage to the special gift of late bassist Cliff Burton, who died in 1986 in a bus accident while on tour with the group.

    "When a person gets rocking to their music, everything else disappears, and that person is just one with the rock," Flea said. "It is an inexplicable, awesome thing, and I bow down to it."

    Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich hugged onstage after giving speeches, and both thanked fans who have followed the band through its ups-and-downs that included the death of Cliff Burton.

    "I think rock and roll is about possibilities and about dreams," Ulrich said. "The fact that the six of us can be up on the stage tonight, snot-nosed kids, outcasts, loners who grew up in very different parts of the world, in very different situations and make it here tonight, to this wonderful night in front of all these people down here ... Rock and roll truly is about possibilities. Look at us. METALLICA's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Can you fucking believe that?"

    Hetfield started his thanks with a list of bands he'd like to see enter next, which included KISS, RUSH, THIN LIZZY, TED NUGENT, IRON MAIDEN and MOTÖRHEAD. He also dedicated the award to the young musicians trying to make it. "Dream big and dare to fail," he said. "I dare you to do that. Because this is living proof that it is possible to make a dream come true."

    METALLICA flew in from Paris, where the group played Wednesday and Thursday nights. The band planned to rehearse with Newsted at soundcheck on Friday but the equipment and the crew apparently arrived later than expected, forcing the soundcheck to be rescheduled for this morning (Saturday).

    Переводчики: LARS
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     # 79
    METALLICA Autograph Forgeries Hit All-Time High Following ROCK HALL Induction - Apr. 10, 2009

    "If you didn't see them signed yourself, your METALLICA autographs probably aren't real," says Autograph publisher Steven Cyrkin. Already one of the most forged bands of all time, with their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, METALLICA forgeries have hit an all-time high. On eBay, on fan and dealer web sites, and in many of the fancy galleries in tourist spots, criminals are preying on METALLICA's unsuspecting fans.

    "You can find out if your METALLICA autographs, or ones you're thinking of buying, are suspect in a 10-page feature in the May issue of Autograph magazine that traces the band's autographs from 1982 to today," says Cyrkin.

    "The number of METALLICA forgeries being offered rivals the number of forged Barack Obama autographs peddled after he was elected president," continues Cyrkin. "It's so bad that we asked the chief authenticator of the largest autograph authentication service, PSA/DNA, to write an article that shows how to identify genuine METALLICA signatures."

    Переводчики: MeT@LLic@
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     # 80
    METALLICA's ULRICH: Fans Used To Ask Us To F**k Their Girlfriends - Apr. 21, 2009

    According to NME.com, drummer Lars Ulrich revealed in a new interview that METALLICA fans used to ask the band to sleep with their girlfriends.

    Speaking in the new issue of our sister title Uncut, out this week, the drummer explained that early in the band's career they often received the strange request.

    "In the early days in America back in the mid-'80s, people would often ask us to fuck their girlfriend," Ulrich recalled. "The first time it happened to me, we were opening for Ozzy [Osbourne] in 1986 and I was slightly taken aback. But you realize people were serious and you say to yourself, 'So now I'm fucking your girlfriend, are you round the corner, whacking off? Are You taking pictures? Where do you fit into all this?'

    "It's pretty depraved shit, and it's hard to wrap your head around that when you're fucking someone else's girl. It's not a good thing to ask a band to do, right?"

    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
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     # 81
    METALLICA Featured On DISCOVERY CHANNEL's 'Time Warp' - Apr. 21, 2009

    METALLICA will be featured on the April 29 episode of Discovery Channel's series "Time Warp", in which MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman — along with digital-imaging expert Matt Kearney — uses new technologies to bring truly never-before-seen wonders into a form that your body can actually process.

    Using the latest in high-speed photography, the "Time Warp" team takes some natural events (a cat licking its paw, a champagne bottle being opened) — and some not-so-natural (a water balloon to the face, a raw piece of chicken exploding) — and turns them into a thing of both beauty and learning.

    Commented METALLICA in a statement: "Want to see what really happens while we're playing? Discovery Channel's 'Time Warp' came to HQ [METALLICA's headquarters in San Rafael, north of San Francisco] about a month ago with their high-speed cameras to film us in action and the results air on Wednesday, April 29 at 8:00 p.m.

    "If you haven't checked it out before, 'Time Warp' is hosted by brainiac MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman along with digital-imaging expert Matt Kearney . . . they use new technologies to film all kinds of 'ordinary' events and slow it way down so you can see the activity in a whole new light.

    "We had a blast hanging with Jeff and Matt, so check your local listings, and for more info, click here."

    "Time Warp" airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
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     # 82
    QUEENSRŸCHE Singer Says METALLICA's ULRICH Was A 'Serial Urinator' - Apr. 22, 2009

    On a recent episode of VH1 Classic's hit weekly series "That Metal Show", QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate spoke about sharing the same management as METALLICA back in the late '80s and opening for the San Francisco heavy metal giants on a U.S. arena tour.

    Tate said, "We toured with METALLICA during the '...Justice For All' tour when we were releasing 'Operation: Mindcrime', and that band, hats off to them — thank you, guys — they shared their stage with us every night, shared their audience with us, gave us a leg up, and I've got nothing bad to say about METALLICA; they've always handled themselves very well, I think."

    When pressed for a funny Lars Ulrich story, Tate said, "Back in that day, we all partied pretty heavy, so after the show, you unwind a little bit, have a few drinks, and sometimes you'd have a few too many. But he'd always come on the bus — 'Hey, how are you, guys? How're you doing?' — he was usually dressed in tennis shoes and a robe. And he would urinate on our bus. And then the next day, the tour manager would hand him a bill and he'd pay it, and the next time he showed up, he'd do the same thing. He was like a serial urinator. We used to tease him about it — 'God, we come on the METALLICA tour and you piss on us.'"

    Watch Tate talking about touring with METALLICA on "That Metal Show" at this location.

    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
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     # 83
    METALLICA Keeping Mexico On Tour Schedule - May 1, 2009

    The Pulse of Radio reports: Although the breakout of swine flu that originated in Mexico has led numerous musical acts to cancel performances there, METALLICA is not backing down. According to a post at the website of AVENGED SEVENFOLD, who will open the shows, METALLICA has booked three concerts in Mexico City on June 4, June 6 and June 7. Although Mexico City is where the flu first surfaced, Mexican health secretary Jose Angel Cordova said on Thursday (April 30) that the number of cases seemed to be stabilizing, which means the crisis could be passed by the time METALLICA arrives next month.

    Billboard.com reported on Thursday that dozens and dozens of concerts across Mexico were canceled or postponed, while premieres and press junkets for new movies like "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", "Star Trek" and "Terminator Salvation" were also either scrapped or in jeopardy.

    Переводчики: LARS
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     # 84
    METALLICA's HETFIELD On His Past With The Piano - May 8, 2009

    METALLICA guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield recently spoke to U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine about his earliest musical experience. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

    Metal Hammer: You first studied piano at the age of nine, then later got interested in your brother’s drums. Were the piano lessons in classical music?

    James Hetfield: "Yeah. My mom had seen me over at a friend's house just kind of start bashing on the piano, and she thought, 'Oh, he's gonna be a musician, OK, we'll sign him up for piano.' I did that for a couple of years and it was really a bit of a turn-off because it was learning classical pieces, stuff that I wasn't listening to on the radio, you know?

    "I remember it was an older woman's house and the cookies at the end was the big deal. But I am so glad it was somewhat forced upon me, because the act of left and right hand doing different things, and also singing at the same time, it gave me some inkling of what I do now. Singing and playing are somewhat easier than it probably could have been if I hadn't have had piano."

    Переводчики: kosa
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     # 85
    METALLICA: French DVD Shoot Confirmed - May 20, 2009

    In the latest issue of France's Rock Hard magazine (see cover below), METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo has confirmed that METALLICA will take part in a DVD shoot of the band's current "Death Magnetic" tour in July in the south of France. The show being filmed is the July 7, 2009 concert in Nimes, France at Arènes de Nîmes, which is part of the sold-out Festival de Nimes.

    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
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     # 86
    ESP Gets in the Game with Guitar Hero: Metallica
    See your favorite James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett ESP signature models in the
    newest and coolest Guitar Hero game ever!

    As a real guitar manufacturer, a lot of people ask how we feel about the Guitar Hero video game series. Answer: we love it! Not only does it turn people on to all kinds of killer guitar-based songs that they might not have otherwise heard, but weʼve found that a lot of people move on to playing real guitars after getting into playing with Guitar Hero. Itʼs all good.

    So, as you can imagine, we pretty much lost our minds when Activision, the maker of Guitar Hero, called us up to let us know that they were going to create an entire version of the game dedicated to Metallica. As you all know, both guitarists of Metallica (Kirk and James) have been using ESP guitars for over 20 years now. So, when you play GH:Metallica, guess what youʼll be seeing? Thatʼs right... the authentic ESP models used by Metallica!

    The developers at Activision (and their subsidiaries RedOctane and Neversoft) didnʼt just create guitars that kinda, sorta look like Jamesʼ and Kirkʼs models. They actually used computer modeling techniques to get every single nuance of the guitars down to every scratch, every screw on the pickup covers, and so on.These ESP guitars you see in the game are detailed to perfection. From Kirkʼs KH-2 Vintage through Jamesʼ ESP Iron Cross, you get exactly what the Metallica dudes are playing in their real lives.

    Of course, looks arenʼt everything. If youʼre a true fan of Metallica, youʼll love the fact that in addition to 28 of the bandʼs songs (placed in the game from the original master recordings), thereʼs a slew of music by other bands that Metallica themselves handpicked for inclusion in the game as well. But donʼt take our word for it; head over to guitarherometallica.com and get all the details on the most metal-oriented video game thatʼs ever been made! Or, better yet, head to your favorite video game retailer after March 29, 2009, and get your own copy.

    Переводчики: kosa
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     # 87
    ESP Congratulates Metallica for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

    Itʼs a long road between starting your band and being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. First, you donʼt even become eligible until 25 years after your first album comes out. Second, you need to be recognized as having had an “influence and significance to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll.” Only a handful of artists make the cut each year, and their worthiness is measured by comparison to the artists who came before them, like Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and many others.

    In other words, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is about as big an honor as any rock musician can hope for. Itʼs no surprise that the 2009 induction ceremony, held on April 4, was led by the band that helped define the metal genre: Metallica. The entire band, including current members James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, and Robert Trujillo, as well as fomer bassists Jason Newsted and the late Cliff Burton, all received the honor of induction.

    ESP President Matt Masciandaro said about the induction, “It was 1987 when Kirk Hammett started working with ESP on his first custom guitar, followed soon after byJames Hetfield. Today, Metallica continues to be a huge influence on all musicians who want to play Metal. We congratulate them on being recognized for an incredible career.”

    As ESP fans, we hardly have to tell you the story of what made Metallica great. Starting in the underground community in 1981, the band started gaining a strong following from the very beginning, with their first two albums (Kill ʻEm All and Ride the Lightning, released in 1983 and 1984 respectively). Their big breakthrough from a standpoint of worldwide popularity was the 1986 release of Master of Puppets, which went on to become one of the most influential albums ever in the heavy rock genre. In 1991, Metallicaʼs mainstream success became undeniable when their self-titled (“black”) album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Metallica has continued to reign as one of the most influential bands in metal, and have the respect of nearly every rock musician whoʼs come along since. Unlike many Rock Hall inductees, Metallica has continued to maintain their popularity throughout their long career; their latest album Death Magnetic was one of the best-selling albums in recent months.

    For more than 20 years, Metallicaʼs guitar tandem of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have been using ESP Guitars on albums and on tour. Their influence on hundreds of bands who followed them has been a factor in helping ESP become one of the worldʼs most popular guitar manufacturers. Weʼre still proud each time we see Kirk and James take the stage with our guitars in hand; they both allow everyone to see (and -- more importantly -- hear) the craftsmanship and attention to detail thatʼs put into each guitar we make.

    So, from ESP to Metallica, we offer our congratulations on the remarkable achievement of your Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. We also offer our thanks for over two decades of playing ESP. Most of

    Переводчики: kosa
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     # 88
    Metallica: Sessions M4 Jacket

    Sessions, a leading snowboard and action sports company that designs, merchandises, sources, and distributes high-performance snowboard apparel and accessories for the core, youth-driven sports segment, has produced a special Metallica M4 jacket.

    Sessions' affiliation with Metallica stems from company owner Joel Gomez's relationship with Marc Reiter from the band's management company, Q Prime Management, and Metallica frontman James Hetfield, whose similar interests in skateboarding and snowboarding led them on a snowboard trip to Squaw Valley USA in Lake Tahoe, California in 1997.

    This jacket shows Sessions' true dedication to its roots, while still looking towards the future. This special jacket comes equipped with a two speakers found in the hood, an amp, and a custom control panel on the sleeve.

    Experience what the slopes can bring, with a jacket made for the elements and equipped with a speaker/amp system from Skullcandy, which includes musically inspired designs from the most popular heavy metal band of all time.

    To see Sessions M4 Metallica Jacket video, go to this location.

    Вот список новостей: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/search.php?s=metallica&w=news (просто у меня в розные сообщения не вставляется). Переводите кто хочет :face-smile:
    Переводчики: kosa
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     # 89
    METALLICA Frontman Gets Personal In New Interview - May 22, 2009

    METALLICA's James Hetfield has spoken to Classic Rock about loneliness, his relationships and the drug habits of his band-mates in one of his most revealing interviews ever. The full, warts-and-all interview will be published in their forthcoming issue, on sale May 27.

    In this excerpt, the METALLICA frontman speaks about how he dealt with loneliness in his adolescence and how METALLICA became his family after he felt so distanced from his own.

    Classic Rock: Were you shy back then?

    Hetfield: Very. I was very withdrawn, wasn't really trusting of the world whatsoever because of what had gone on as a child. Then the drinking helped me break out of that a little bit but at the end of the day it was worse. I'd dig a deeper hole for myself.

    Classic Rock: Was there a feeling that metallica became your family?

    Hetfield: Yes, yes. There's no doubt. I was searching for people that I could identify with. I couldn't really identify too much with my family and, basically, as a child it disintegrated right in front of my eyes. There's a part of me that craves family and another part of me that just can't stand people. At the end of the day I feel like this lone wolf but, you know, I do feel that I need family, but not all the time.

    Ещё один хороший источник: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Search&searchtext=metallica
    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
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     # 90
    METALLICA: Mexican Shows To Be Filmed For Forthcoming DVD - May 26, 2009

    According to a post on legendary rock photographer Ross Halfin's official web site, METALLICA's three headlining concerts in Mexico City, Mexico — which are scheduled for June 4, June 6 and June 7 at Foro Sol — will be filmed for a forthcoming DVD. Halfin will attend the shows in order to shoot the DVD cover. Support at the gigs will come from AVENGED SEVENFOLD and the Mexican band RESORTE.

    Переводчики: REsearch
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