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    • CommentTime28/05/2009IsOnline
     # 91
    METALLICA's 'Death Magnetic' Certified Double-Platinum In Germany - May 27, 2009

    METALLICA's latest album, "Death Magnetic", has been certified double-platinum in Germany for sales in excess of 400,000 copies. The CD, which topped the German Media Control chart upon its release last September, shifted 150,000 units in Germany within the first seven days.

    The four members of METALLICA were presented with the "Death Magnetic" double-platinum plaques at the May 17, 2009 "Guitar Hero: Metallica" launch event at the Café in Cologne, Germany. A photo can be viewed below.

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     # 92
    Management: METALLICA's French DVD Shoot Still On - May 26, 2009

    A representative for METALLICA's management company, QPrime, has informed BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the DVD shoot of the band's July 7, 2009 concert in Nimes, France at Arènes de Nîmes will go ahead as previously announced. The resulting DVD, which will be available in France only, is tentatively due in October. According to the representative, it is still not 100 percent confirmed that METALLICA's three headlining concerts in Mexico City, Mexico — which are scheduled for June 4, June 6 and June 7 at Foro Sol — will be filmed or that there will even be a DVD release based on that footage.

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    • CommentTime28/05/2009IsOnline
     # 93
    Learn To Play Like Metallica's Kirk Hammett
    Lick Library has released a comprehensive teaching series of guitar tuition DVDs focusing on Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett's playing: Introducing the two-part "Learn To Play Metallica" double DVD sets, coming in at a weighty combined six hours of in-depth tuition. From the juggernaut "Enter The Sandman" to the ultra-fast and technically demanding "Battery", Lick Library has produced easy-to-learn DVDs which transcribe note for note solos, riffs, verses, chorus and everything in between. Furthermore, top teacher Jamie Humphries takes you through a detailed description of setting up your guitars, amps and effects to achieve a truly authentic Metallica sound.
    Lick Library recognizes how many guitarists aspire to learn the epic riffs of Kirk Hammett and recreate his savage rifferey and dazzling array of lead guitar parts. In recognition of how much there is to learn, Lick Library has introduced three further DVDs in the shape of "Kirk Hammett Guitar Techniques", "Kirk Hammett Quick Licks" and "Kirk Hammett: The Solos".
    The "Kirk Hammett Guitar Techniques" has two hours of in-depth tuition breaking down over fifty licks covering pentatonic scales, chromatic runs, hammer-on and pull-offs, arpeggios, inversions, diatonic scales, use of tremolo bar, double stops, string skipping. In fact, this will help you learn a huge range of key techniques valuable for not just playing Metallica but for pretty much every other type of song.
    "Kirk Hammett Quick Licks" helps you learn killer metal licks and most importantly provides backing tracks to help you practice your newfound techniques. The DVD breaks down Kirk's style of playing into twenty-five licks, including techniques such as tapping, legato, alternate picking and a host of pentatonic ideas. Homing in on his solos, this DVD will help you learn how to improvise and give you an arsenal of ideas to jam over the backing tracks. Ideal for beginners through to advanced players this will show you how to approach rock and metal soloing.
    "Kirk Hammett: The Solos" uniquely comes with an accompanying CD including guitar jam tracks for each solo section at slow, medium and full tempo so you can learn each solo at your own pace and steadily build up to full speed. Solos include: "Master Of Puppets", "One", "Nothing Else Matters", "Enter Sandman", "The Day That Never Comes".
    Finally, to complete the comprehensive range of Metallica tuition products, Lick Library has available to purchase separately two "Jamtrax" CDs, each with five backtracks covering classic Metallica songs from early "Master Of Puppets" to the very latest "Death Magnetic" album. These CDs are ideal to playing along to the songs which is like having the band in your living room.
    The DVDs and CDs are now available to purchase through www.licklibrary.com along with over 20,000 other guitar tuition products.
    Learn To Play Like Metallica: The solos, Volume 2]
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    • CommentTime4/06/2009IsOnline
     # 94
    METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD Explains Why DAVE MUSTAINE 'Had To Go' - June 3, 2009

    METALLICA frontman James Hetfield was interviewed for the July 2009 issue of U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine. A few excerpts from the lengthy chat follow below.

    Classic Rock: Were you glad to see the back of [former METALLICA guitarist and current MEGADETH leader] Dave Mustaine?

    Hetfield: I don't know if "glad" is the right word, but it was necessary. There would have been myself, Lars [Ulrich, drums] and him all trying to drive and it would have been this triangulated mess. It's obvious that he had the same drive as us — he went on to do great things in MEGADETH. The way things are now, the character dynamics, Lars and I are one half of the scale with Rob [Trujillo, bass] and Kirk [Hammett, guitar] on the other. They're great idea people but very good at being okay with someone else driving. It does take that, I think. They're very un-ego-driven and Lars and I are the other way, it seems. That's what I've been told. [Laughs] So back then Dave had to go.

    Classic Rock: In "Some Kind Of Monster", he seems fairly unhappy about that.

    Hetfield: He's an amazing, talented person. Maybe just part of his character is having a chip on his shoulder. If I got kicked out of METALLICA, I would have one too. Ron McGovney, our first bass player — very big chip on his shoulder. They're never able to really be comfortable in the now, and that's tough to see. Lars did say that too in the interview: "Can't you see what you've done?" But none of that matters because he's chasing something unreachable.

    Classic Rock: Were you uncomfortable with the band's new image for "Load"?

    Hetfield: Most definitely. Lars and Kirk drove on those records. The whole "We need to reinvent ourselves" topic was up. Image is not an evil thing for me, but if the image is not you, then it doesn't make much sense. I think they were really after a U2 kind of vibe, Bono doing his alter ego.

    I couldn't get into it. The whole, "Okay, now in this photoshoot we're going to be '70s glam rockers." Like, what? I would say half — at least half — the pictures that were to be in the booklet, I yanked out. The whole cover thing, it went against what I was feeling.

    Classic Rock: What didn't you like about the cover?

    Hetfield: [Laughs] How can I put this? I guess when I talked [earlier in the interview] about the resentments of being left out of the bond that they had through their drug use — Lars and Kirk were very into abstract art, pretending they were gay. I think they knew it bugged me. It was a statement around all that. I love art, but not for the sake of shocking others. I think the cover of "Load" was just a piss-take around all that. I just went along with the make-up and all of this crazy, stupid shit that they felt they needed to do.

    Classic Rock: A lot was made of the haircuts at the time. Was that a group decision?

    Hetfield: [Laughs] It wasn't like we went in together and went, "Hey, can we get a deal on four haircuts?" It just slowly happened, with age, thinning hair. Long hair just didn't feel right anymore.

    Classic Rock: Musically, was that the first time METALLICA was unsure?

    Hetfield: I would say so. That whole period. Why do we need to reinvent ourselves? A lot of the fans got turned off quite a bit by the music, but mostly, I think, by the image.

    Classic Rock: Were you uneasy about Kirk and Lars kissing in the photographs?

    Hetfield: Totally. That's why they did it. I'm the driving force behind their homosexual adventures. I think drugs had something to do with it too. I hope. [Laughs] There are many times in our career that people have jumped ship, and that's going to happen. It's more hurtful to hear, "Okay, people are stomping METALLICA records because they're suing Napster."

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    • CommentTime13/06/2009IsOnline
     # 95
    METALLICA To Play Benefit Show For Marin History Museum - June 11, 2009

    Paul Liberatore of the Contra Costa Times reports that METALLICA frontman James Hetfield has announced that the superstar band will play a benefit concert for the Marin History Museum in San Rafael, California in September.

    In a video screened at the history museum's $200-a-ticket "Marin Rocks" gala Saturday night (June 6) at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center, Hetfield, currently on an international tour with the band, mentioned "the third week in September" as a possible date for the concert.

    It would be the first show in Marin by the heavy metal supergroup. A likely venue is the 2,000-seat Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, the county's largest concert hall.

    "We want to keep the flame growing and flowing," Hetfield said, appearing in the video with Dave Navarro of JANE'S ADDICTION.

    Переводчики: kosa
    • CommentTime22/06/2009IsOnline
     # 96
    METALLICA Now Selling First-Ever CLIFF BURTON Biography - June 21, 2009

    METALLICA is currently selling "To Live Is To Die: The Life And Death Of Metallica's Cliff Burton", the first-ever Burton biography, via the band's official web site. Written by U.K.-based author Joel McIver and published by Jawbone Press, the book includes a foreword by Cliff's close friend in METALLICA, Kirk Hammett.

    "I'm deeply honored that Kirk spoke to me for the Cliff Burton biography," McIver (pictured below with Hammett) told BLABBERMOUTH.NET earlier this year. "We talked about the rollercoaster ride of METALLICA's early career which he and Cliff experienced, from the time that both men joined the band in early 1983 until Cliff's death three and a half years later. The impact that Burton had on the rest of METALLICA, both musically and as an example of how to stick to your principles in the music industry, was profound — and Kirk provided a perspective on that impact which couldn't have come from anywhere else."

    Other interviewees who spoke to McIver for this book, many for the first time on the public record, include Cliff's bass teacher Steve Doherty; legendary reporter and photographer Brian Lew; Bay Area headbanger Harald Oimoen, the subject of "The Ballad Of Harald O" by the infamous SPASTIK CHILDREN, in which Cliff played; that band's frontman Fred Cotton; EXODUS founder Gary Holt; Metal Blade label founder Brian Slagel; photographer Ross Halfin; Cliff's first guitar tech Chuck Martin; METALLICA's first fanclub manager K.J. Doughton; "Ride The Lightning" and "Master Of Puppets" producer Flemming Rasmussen; the last reporter to interview Cliff, Jörgen Holmstedt; roadie and ex-METAL CHURCH guitarist John Marshall, who was also in the bus crash which killed Burton; Lennart Wennberg, the photographer at the scene of the crash; and Cliff's girlfriend for the last year of his life, Corinne Lynn.

    After Kirk Hammett's foreword, separate introductions are provided by a range of musicians influenced by Burton, including Mikael Åkerfeldt (OPETH), Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE), Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT), Dave Ellefson (F5, ex-MEGADETH) and a host of other musicians and writers.

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    • CommentTime23/06/2009IsOnline
     # 97
    METALLICA Drummer To Present 'The Five Obstructions' Documentary - June 22, 2009

    According to the California Film Institute, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich will present and discuss a rare screening of an unusual documentary that plays like a provocative game — "The Five Obstructions", co-directed and written by Danish filmmakersJørgen Leth and Lars von Trier.

    Von Trier is best known as the director of "Europa", "Dogville", "Dancing in the Dark" and "Breaking the Waves". A multiple award-winner at the Cannes Film Festival, he also co-founded the influential Dogme 95 movement. In "The Five Obstructions", von Trier approaches Jørgen Leth, his mentor in Danish filmmaking, with an assignment to remake one of his own early short films ("The Perfect Human") five different times, on each occasion with a specific " obstruction."

    "Films Of My Life: Lars Ulrich Presents The Five Obstructions" will be held on September 2 at 7:00 p.m. at Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, California.

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    • CommentTime27/06/2009IsOnline
     # 98
    METALLICA Among 'Classic Rock Roll Of Honour' Nominees - June 26, 2009

    The nominations for the 2009 Classic Rock Roll Of Honour awards staged by Classic Rock magazine were unveiled today by legends of rock parody SPINAL TAP.

    Public-voted categories include:

    Album Of The Year

    01. Black Ice - AC/DC
    02. Death Magnetic - METALLICA
    03. Folklore & Superstition - BLACK STONE CHERRY
    04. The Ballad Of John Henry - JOE BONAMASSA
    05. Everyday Demons - THE ANSWER
    06. Chinese Democracy - GUNS N' ROSES
    07. Consolers Of The Lonely - THE RACONTEURS
    08. And You Were A Crow - THE PARLOR MOB
    09. The Devil You Know - HEAVEN & HELL
    10. Black Clouds & Silver Linings - DREAM THEATER

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    • CommentTime30/06/2009IsOnline
     # 99
    METALLICA: Release Date Announced For French Concert DVD - June 29, 2009

    METALLICA's July 7, 2009 concert in Nimes, France at Arènes de Nîmes will be professionally filmed for a forthcoming DVD release. The disc will be made available on October 19 through French music stores and online shops only, as well as via the band's official web site, Metallica.com.

    METALLICA's French record company and WorMee are giving fans tickets and a chance to participate in the making of the DVD. Winners will film the show and record a report from there, two minutes of which will appear as an extra in the final release.

    The contest is open to residents of France only and runs through July 2, ending at 11:59 p.m. There will be ten winners and you can check out all the details and enter at metallica.wormee.com.

    WorMee will stream METALLICA's concert in Nimes from July 10 until July 13. You just need to register with the site to watch, and the stream is available to everyone around the world.

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    • CommentTime30/06/2009IsOnline
     # 100
    DREAM THEATER Drummer Reveals Top 5 Metal Bands Of All Time - June 28, 2009

    Roadrunner Records has uploaded video footage of DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy revealing and discussing his "top five metal bands of all time."

    Portnoy's top five metal bands of all time are as follows:

    04. SLAYER
    05. OPETH

    Переводчики: PRIEST
    • CommentTime2/07/2009IsOnline
     # 101
    METALLICA Among KERRANG! AWARDS Nominees - July 1, 2009

    The 2009 Kerrang! Awards will be held at a top secret London location on August 3 and this year's event will be hosted by SLIPKNOT vocalist Corey Taylor and ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian.

    SLIPKNOT and METALLICA head up the nominations for the Kerrang! Awards 2009. Fresh from their triumphant Download festival headline appearance, the Iowa-based nine-piece has notched up six nominations (including two nominations for "Best Single") while metal legends METALLICA are nominated in five categories.

    The shortlist for the Kerrang! Awards 2009 can be viewed below.

    Best British Newcomer


    Best International Newcomer


    Best Live Band


    Best Single

    * METALLICA - All Nightmare Long
    * THE PRODIGY - Omen
    * SLIPKNOT - Dead Memories
    * SLIPKNOT - Psychosocial
    * PLACEBO - For What It's Worth

    Best Video

    * PAPA ROACH - Hollywood Whore
    * SLIPKNOT - Sulfur
    * METALLICA - The Day That Never Comes
    * MASTODON - Oblivion
    * PLACEBO - For What It's Worth

    Best Album

    * GREEN DAY - 21st Century Breakdown
    * METALLICA - Death Magnetic
    * SLIPKNOT - All Hope Is Gone
    * GALLOWS - Grey Britain
    * PLACEBO - Battle For The Sun

    Best British Band


    Best International Band


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    • CommentTime4/07/2009IsOnline
     # 102
    METALLICA's Performance At Belgium's ROCK WERCHTER To Be Streamed Live - July 3, 2009

    METALLICA's July 5, 2009 concert at the Rock Werchter festival in Werchter, Belgium will be available for listening and/or viewing via live radio and webcasts.

    Here's how you can tune in:

    On the web: www.rockwerchter.be

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    • CommentTime8/07/2009IsOnline
     # 103
    JASON NEWSTED To Guest On FULL METAL JACKIE's Radio Show - July 8, 2009

    Bassist Jason Newsted (VOIVOD, METALLICA, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM) will be the featured guest on this weekend's (July 10-12) edition of Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show.

    To see a full list of stations carrying the program and when it airs, go to FullMetalJackieRadio.com.

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    • CommentTime8/07/2009IsOnline
     # 104
    METALLICA, SLAYER In 'Rick Rubin: In The Studio' Book; Release Date Announced - July 7, 2009

    On August 11, ECW Press will issue the 300-page book "Rick Rubin: in the Studio" by biographer Jake Brown. Nearly three years of meticulous research went into the making of the book, which documents the roots of Rubin's rise as one of the industry's most singularly influential record producers and A&R men, chronicles the making of such ground-breaking Def Jam-era classic LPs as the BEASTIE BOYS' seminal "License to Ill" and RUN DMC's "Raising Hell", his legendary, career-resurrecting collaboration with Johnny Cash, and of course, Rubin's countless successes in the studio with such wide-ranging rock/metal superstars as the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, SLAYER, AUDIOSLAVE, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, WEEZER, DANZIG, THE CULT, LINKIN PARK, METALLICA and others.

    The book is currently available for pre-sale at Amazon.com.

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    • CommentTime8/07/2009IsOnline
     # 105
    METALLICA: Audio Of Entire ROCK WERCHTER Performance Available - July 6, 2009

    METALLICA's July 5, 2009 concert at the Rock Werchter festival in Werchter, Belgium was made available for listening and/or viewing via live radio and webcasts.

    An audio recording of the entire performance can be streamed at this location: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=jerredk14&view=videos&query=werchter+metallica+audio

    Переводчики: kosa
    • CommentTime9/07/2009IsOnline
     # 106
    GOJIRA, VOLBEAT Added To METALLICA's North American Tour - July 8, 2009

    METALLICA has posted the following message on the band's official web site, Metallica.com:

    "While we are still enjoying our European summer vacation, a quick note here about the fall shows in North America. Our French friends GOJIRA will be joining us, along with LAMB OF GOD, for shows September 14 - October 18, while Lars' [Ulrich] brethren from Denmark VOLBEAT will hanging for the shows October 26 - December 12. One other quick thing — unfortunately LAMB OF GOD cannot continue on with us in December, so we'll have more news about those shows for you later."

    For a list of upcoming METALLICA shows, go to this location.

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    • CommentTime11/07/2009IsOnline
     # 107
    GLYDER To Support METALLICA In Dublin - July 9, 2009

    Irish rockers GLYDER will support METALLICA on August 1 at Marlay Park in Dublin, Ireland. Also scheduled to appear are ALICE IN CHAINS, MASTODON and AVENGED SEVENFOLD.

    Over the past four years, GLYDER has opened/toured with THIN LIZZY, DIO, W.A.S.P. and THUNDER, among many others.

    Переводчики: LARS
    • CommentTime15/07/2009IsOnline
     # 108
    METALLICA's ULRICH Drops Cash On San Francisco Mayor's Gubernatorial Campaign - July 11, 2009

    According to SFGate.com, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has donated $15,000 to San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom's gubernatorial campaign.

    Previously best known around the California state for legalizing gay marriage early in his first term at City Hall, Newsom later became notorious for an affair with his best friend's wife, which ended barely a year before he married a movie starlet, according to SGVTribune.com.

    Fundrace 2008, The Huffington Post's Google Maps mashup of 2008 presidential campaign donations, previously reported that Ulrich donated $2,300 to John Edwards' 2008 presidential campaign.

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    • CommentTime17/07/2009IsOnline
     # 109
    METALLICA Drummer Offering Reward For Pendant's Return - July 16, 2009

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich is offering a reward for the return of a pendant that he says he lost earlier this week in Spain.

    Approximately an hour before METALLICA's July 14, 2009 concert in Madrid, Ulrich went for a jog along the city's Jorge Juan street. Around 300 meters from the indoor sporting arena where the concert was being held, on the corner of Jorge Juan and Ferran Gonzalez (across the street from the Cinderella Novias store), he lost a pendant with a black cross (see photo below).

    This pendant is very special to Lars because it was a gift. He is now offering a cash reward for the item's return — with no questions asked.

    If you have any information about the pendant's whereabouts, please send an e-mail to webmaster@metclub.com.

    Переводчики: kosa
    • CommentTime20/07/2009IsOnline
     # 110
    METALLICA To Perform At ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME's 25th Anniversary In NYC - July 18, 2009

    According to Roger Friedman of Showbiz411.com, METALLICA will take part in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 25th anniversary event this fall at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The two-day extravaganza will be held on October 29-30, with Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon as a solo act, Stevie Wonder, and the whole posse that includes Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young performing on Thursday. Then on Friday: Aretha Franklin headlines, with U2, METALLICA, and Eric Clapton.
    Переводчики: Artur
    • CommentTime20/07/2009IsOnline
     # 111
    WHERE THE NEW THINGS ARE . . .Want to know where the new things are? In the Metallica.com Store right now! Check out all new items including the canvas tote bag, Four Horsemen polo shirt, Metal Up undies, new Pushead Boris and Sun T-shirt designs, Black Death Magnetic USB drive - 2GB and more.

    Also making its debut, the Death Magnetic etched pint glass. There are no certificates or limits on this glass after popular demand. Check out the New Items section of the store for all these products and more now!

    Переводчики: PRIEST
    • CommentTime22/07/2009IsOnline
     # 112
    METALLICA Among Artists Dominating Billboard's Midyear Touring Charts - July 20, 2009

    According to Billboard.biz METALLICA, AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN are among the artists dominating Billboard's midyear touring charts.

    The time period for the midyear numbers is Dec. 6, 2008, through June 20, 2009. When tardy reporting is factored in, overall numbers stack up favorably to the same time period last year. In the period covered, global concerts grossed $1.8 billion and drew 30.6 million attendees from 8,744 shows reported. That's down slightly from the $1.9 billion for the period in 2008, when 9,172 shows were reported.

    Переводчики: PRIEST
    • CommentTime27/07/2009IsOnline
     # 113
    METALLICA Frontman Talks About Dark Childhood, '80s Excesses - July 26, 2009

    METALLICA frontman James Hetfield recently talked to Tim Noakes of Dazed & Confused about his life — from his dark childhood and '80s excesses to his worst fashion crimes and ongoing musical competition with drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett.

    Hetfield spoke frankly in a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine about the band's so-called "wilderness" years, in the mid-to-latter 90s, during which drug use and disagreements over the group's image and sound nearly drove them apart. Hetfield said he was particularly uncomfortable with the change in the group's image around the release of its 1996 album "Load". Hetfield explained, "The whole 'We need to reinvent ourselves' topic was up. Image isn't an evil thing to me, but if the image isn't you, it doesn't make much sense."

    Hetfield said that he thought Ulrich and Hammett were "after a U2 kind of vibe, Bono doing his alter-ego. I couldn't get into it. I would say at least half the pictures that were to be in the booklet, I yanked out. The cover went against what I was feeling. Lars and Kirk were very into abstract art, pretending they were gay. I think they knew it bugged me. I think the cover of 'Load' was just a piss-take around all that. I just went along with all this crazy stupid shit."

    Hetfield claimed that Ulrich and Hammett bonded over their drug use during that time and that the band's music suffered too, saying, "A lot of fans got turned off quite a bit by the music — but mostly, I think, by the image."

    METALLICA bottomed out in the early part of this decade with the controversial "St. Anger" album and the documentary "Some Kind of Monster", which chronicled how they nearly fell apart and how Hetfield himself got sober.

    The group rebounded last year with the acclaimed "Death Magnetic" record, and Hetfield told The Pulse of Radio there was never really any chance of METALLICA breaking up for good. "You know, 'St. Anger', the 'Monster' movie, all the stuff that we went through — once we got back together and started playing again, we knew that we were given some sort of gift to continue and not fall like many other bands have," he said. "So we've got to take care of this, and we're doing our extra best to do that."

    Now, Hetfield said in Classic Rock, METALLICA is a very balanced group: "The way things are now, Lars and I are one half of the scale with (bassist) Rob Trujillo and Kirk on the other. They're great people but they're okay with someone else driving. It does take that, I think — they're very un-ego-driven and Lars and I are the other way, it seems."

    Переводчики: Ironhead
    • CommentTime29/07/2009IsOnline
     # 114
    METALLICA Frontman: 'There's Always Gonna Be Darkness' - July 28, 2009

    METALLICA frontman James Hetfield says in a new video interview posted at DazedDigital.com that the darkness in most of his lyrics over the years comes out of "a combination of things," adding, "A lot of it stems from the traumatic things that happened to me in my childhood, some alienating factors, you know." Now that Hetfield has turned his life around since 2001, getting sober and forming a closer bond with his family and bandmates, The Pulse of Radio asked him where he thinks the dark subject matter of his songs comes from these days. "Well, I think a lot of this darkness is coming from actually seeing the light side," he said. "You know, you don't recognize what you have until you've almost lost it. The near death experience of METALLICA during the ['Some Kind Of'] 'Monster' movie was pretty profound, and I think when you notice that, it's easier to write about, 'Hey, we almost died.' But there's always gonna be darkness. I mean, there's always fear and anxiety and unanswered questions in us all, and I feel fine visiting them."

    In the DazedDigital.com interview, Hetfield also talks about his days as an alcoholic, saying, "I romanticize it at times. I don't remember all the horrible crap. Life seemed a lot more simple back then." But he adds, "It eventually just took over, just like any addiction."

    Переводчики: kosa
    • CommentTime29/07/2009IsOnline
     # 115
    METALLICA Guitarist On RICK RUBIN, Family Life And Touring - July 27, 2009

    Kirk Blows of TheLondonPaper.com recently conducted and interview with METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

    TheLondonPaper.com: You're touring to promote your "Death Magnetic" album, seen by many as a return to form. Is that down to you guys or visionary producer Rick Rubin?

    Hammett: People can pretty much think whatever the hell they want about the record. But Rick has an amazing way of getting people to try things they might have thought were taboo, like revisiting techniques to see if they're still relevant.

    TheLondonPaper.com: Your live set doesn't include any tracks from 2003's "St Anger". What does that say about your thoughts on that album?

    Hammett: We had to make that album to get to the point where we could make "Death Magnetic". It was the best album we could have made in very unusual circumstances.

    TheLondonPaper.com: You're touring for a whole year. How do you cope without all the old excesses?

    Hammett: We want to spend quality time with our families so we've devised a touring schedule where it's two weeks on, two weeks off in Europe, and one week on, one week off in the States. We can re-energize both worlds we live in — as musicians and family men — and the thought of touring for another year doesn't weigh so heavily on us any longer.

    TheLondonPaper.com: Do you still think about pushing heavy metal to new extremes or just concentrate on being METALLICA?

    Hammett: Definitely the latter. Metal is healthier than it was 10 years ago and there are some great bands out there. We try to make the best album we can and where it falls within the overall picture is where it falls.

    TheLondonPaper.com: You're two years adrift of your 30th anniversary. How much longer can METALLICA continue?

    Hammett: MOTT THE HOOPLE will play reunion shows with Ian Hunter in his 70s, and the STONES are in their 60s, so the bar keeps on getting raised. We'll keep doing it as long as it's still fun.

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    DAVE MUSTAINE: METALLICA Was Planning To Fire LARS ULRICH Before CLIFF BURTON Died - July 29, 2009

    Greg Prato of RollingStone.com recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. The one of excerpts from the chat follow below.

    RollingStone.com: As far as you know, is it true that on the last METALLICA tour Cliff Burton was on before he died, the band was planning on firing Lars Ulrich at the tour's end?

    Mustaine: That's what Scott [Ian, ANTHRAX guitarist] told me. He said that when METALLICA got home, that James [Hetfield], Cliff [Burton] and Kirk [Hammett] were going to fire Lars.

    But according to a short message that was just posted on ANTHRAX's official Twitter account, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine's claim that ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian told Dave that METALLICA was planning on firing drummer Lars Ulrich in 1986 is "not true." The post adds, "Little does anyone know but Lars actually owns the [METALLICA] name. Good luck ever kicking him out."

    Переводчики: Ironhead
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     # 117
    METALLICA Frontman Talks Touring, Songwriting - Aug. 4, 2009

    Del Crookes of BBC's Newsbeat recently conducted an interview with METALLICA frontman James Hetfield. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

    BBC: How's the current tour going?

    Hetfield: We've only been out for a little over a year. We've got about one more year to go. It's the hump right here with one month over in Europe. We're obviously doing a lot of summer festivals, then heading back to the States. We've got South America to go. We've got more Europe. We've got Japan, some Asian things. We've got Australia and we'll see what happens after that.

    BBC: Are British fans different to fans around the world or is there no difference?

    Hetfield: There are differences and there are similarities in pretty much any fan on the planet. When I talk about fans, I notice the METALLICA fans more than others because I am in that band. So what I say is most of the time, the METALLICA fan is, I would say, the most dedicated of any fan because they have a lot that's thrown at them but they're able to handle it all.

    And when they do go to a show, they're giving 110% just like we are. It's another level of fan. And depending on the culture where you are on the planet they're probably exerting themselves as much as they ever had even if it's standing and clapping in Japan, where they're very polite, or somewhere in Mexico City, where they're like rabid and tearing your hair out.

    BBC: What's it like touring around Europe with lots of other metal bands? Do you get together after gigs or do you not see each other?

    Hetfield: We do try to do as much as possible. Logistically things don't work out all the time, where we're not in the same hotel or we're flying to another gig and they're busing it, so we don't see them as often. But before the shows we're hanging, on days off we're hanging as much as possible.

    Basically what we like to do is to get bands out with us that we vibe with, that we have a good time with. That's pretty important, to have a good spirit out there, backstage and on the stage, obviously bringing bands out there that the fans like but also ones that deliver the goods.

    They're not just up there getting pelted and booed at by METALLICA fans. They're trying hard, they're trying really, really hard to win some people over and we love seeing that.

    BBC: Do you write new material on the road or do you do it after you've finished touring?

    Hetfield: It's both. It's like a waterfall. Sometimes it's happening, sometimes it's not. When we're on the road, sometimes the ideas are flowing, you can't really turn it off or turn it on. It's constantly flowing but at different levels. And most of it has to do with me.

    If I'm in a good mood, I'm going to write something really great. Or if I'm in a bad mood I'm going to write something really great. Somewhere in the middle, I'll wait until one of those other emotions happens. Or if I get a really good guitar sound in the tuning room, that will spur on a great riff too.

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    DAVE MUSTAINE Stands By His 'METALLICA Planned To Fire LARS ULRICH' Story - Aug. 7, 2009

    Ex-METALLICA guitarist Dave Mustaine stands by his claim that the band wanted to fire co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich after the group finished touring in 1986 — but the plan was disrupted by the death of bassist Cliff Burton in a tour bus accident.
    SCOTT IAN Says He Never Denied Telling MUSTAINE That METALLICA Wanted To Fire ULRICH - Aug. 7, 2009

    ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian says that he "never issued a denial" in response to Dave Mustaine's claim that Ian told the MEGADETH mainman METALLICA planned to fire drummer Lars Ulrich back in the mid-'80s.
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    METALLICA: 'All That Matters' Biography Coming In October - Aug. 10, 2009

    A new METALLICA biography, "All That Matters", is scheduled for release in October via Plexus Publishing. Written by Paul Stenning, the 320-book is "the first all-access biography to detail [METALLICA's] entire history from early childhood through to the present day based on exclusive interviews with the band members themselves and those closest to them," according to a posting on the author's MySpace page. METALLICA's personal stories are documented in this comprehensive biography — from the tragic death of guitarist Cliff Burton in 1986 to alcoholism, divorce, departed band members, and the conflicts that drove band members to pursue group therapy and rehab.

    The book includes contributions from:

    Fred Cotton
    Adam Dubin
    Bob Nalbandian
    Brian Slagel
    Brian Tatler
    Buffo Schnadelbach
    Corinne Lynn
    Flemming Rasmussen
    Gary Holt
    Harald O
    Jim Martin
    John Kornarens
    Ken Anthony
    Ken Jacobsen
    Lloyd Grant
    Pepper Keenan
    Ron McGovney
    Ron Quintana
    Torben Ulrich
    Troy Gregory
    Willy Lange

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    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH And ANTHRAX To Tour Together? - Sep. 3, 2009

    SLAYER guitarist Kerry King has told U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine that he has heard through the grapevine that METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich is plotting a tour that would include METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX.

    Should this tour materialize, this would be the first time that the so-called "Big Four" of thrash have toured together as part of the same bill. MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX were joined by opening act ALICE IN CHAINS for the U.S. Clash Of The Titans tour in 1991, while METALLICA and MEGADETH last shared a U.K. stage at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1993.

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