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     # 271
    Members Of SLIPKNOT, KORN, GODSMACK, SLAYER Remember First Time They Heard METALLICA - Apr. 16, 2011

    With the "Big Four" — METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX — taking over Indio, California next Saturday April 23, ARTISTdirect.com editor author Rick Florino spoke to numerous musicians and celebrities about the first time they heard METALLICA and what the band means to them. A couple of excerpts follow below.

    Question: When did you first discover METALLICA and what do they mean to you?

    Slash (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES): "I first discovered METALLICA when they came out with their first EP. METALLICA has always been one of my favorite heavy metal bands. I think that they are one of the most versatile metal bands that came out in the '80s. They are also one of the most creative. I think that James Hetfield is one of the greatest heavy metal guitarists to ever walk this earth."

    Kerry King (SLAYER): "I imagine it was at The Woodstock in Orange County when Dave Mustaine was in the band. I instantly became a fan. I couldn't believe Mustaine was ripping these incredible leads way back then and not even looking at his fingers. I still fucking looking at my fingers [Laughs]. There were no records then it was just seeing them. I think METALLICA might've just been on the 'Metal Massacre' compilation or something."

    Jonathan Davis (KORN): "I first heard them on either 'Master Of Puppets' or 'Ride The Lightning'. I was at my buddy's house, and this guy came over and said, 'You've got to hear this shit!' I was 14 years old or something; I can't even remember how old I was [Laughs]. This dude put METALLICA on, and I was like, 'Wow, what the hell is that?' I only listened to them at that moment, and I sort of forgot about it afterwards. I thought it was cool, but I genuinely didn't get into them again until they hit with 'The Black Album.' It was all over MTV at the time. I really got into METALLICA when I got in KORN, though. I love playing 'One'. It was cool to play it for them at the 'MTV Icon' special. They're one of my favorite bands. I look up to them. They've been doing it for so long. That's truly the band I look up to — them and Ozzy Osbourne. We've also toured with METALLICA a bunch; it's fucking awesome!"

    Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT, STONE SOUR): "I actually talk about when I discovered METALLICA in my book — 'The Seven Deadly Sins: Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good'. That's how big it was. [Laughs] I remember hearing 'Master Of Puppets' at a friend's house. That line at the end of 'Damage Inc.' — 'Fuck it all and fucking no regrets' — was the one that every metal head waited for with baited breath. When it came, you'd jump up and scream along to it. It was amazing. METALLICA will always be important to me!"

    Sully Erna (GODSMACK): "I first discovered them somewhere around 1982 or 1983. It was the early '80s. I remember that a friend of mine came over with 'Kill 'Em All' and 'Ride The Lightning'. For whatever it was worth, this dude was always way ahead of his time. He knew what new thing was going to hit before it hit. I was still very much into IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST at that moment. That was metal, but it wasn't METALLICA metal. My buddy put on 'Ride The Lightning', and the first song I heard was 'Fight Fire With Fire'. I just said, 'What the fuck is this?!' [Laughs] It so fast, the double bass was flying, and the vocals stood out. I didn't get it at first. However, a week later, I was like, 'This is the greatest band ever to walk the planet!' I couldn't get enough. That was my first METALLICA experience."

    Read more musician accounts at ARTISTdirect.com.


    Переводчики: Artur
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    Summer Vacation Extended

    Our European vacation has been extended to include a visit to our neighbors to the north as we are honored to have been asked to play at the 44th edition of Festival d'ete de Quebec on Saturday, July 16, 2011. As part of the 11 day festival, we will be on the Bell Stage on the Plains of Abraham and we are fortunate to have our fellow Bay Area resident and long time friend Joe Satriani joining us to open the show.
    Full festival VIP passes are already on sale for those of you who will be lucky enough to spend some time in Quebec City. Tickets for the July 16 show will go on sale April 30 at 9:00 AM with a pre-sale for Met Club members the day before.
    For all the details about Festival d'ete de Quebec, go to www.infofestival.com. MetClub members should log in for more info about the pre-sale and VIP ticket options and as always, keep watching here as you never know when there might be more additions to the schedule . . .

    Переводчики: PRIEST
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     # 273
    LARS ULRICH: 'We Have A Tendency To Be Pretty Adventurous In METALLICA' - Apr. 22, 2011

    Vanessa Franko of The Press-Enterprise conducted an interview with METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich ahead of the "Big Four" show this Saturday (April 23) at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

    On the big four bands of thrash metal — METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX — getting together and touring Europe last year:

    "We were all keeping our fingers crossed that the experiment would work. When we played the first show in Warsaw, just about 10 months ago, in June of last year, everybody felt right away that this thing was really working and the 75,000 people who showed up in Warsaw really felt that it was working, too."

    On not wanting to cram the tour down the throats of fans:

    "There's a fine line. You don't want to push it to the point so 'Now we're going to hit every arena, every theater, every backyard, everywhere.' You want to keep it special."

    On the "Big Four" show in Indio, California:

    "We're bringing all the bells and whistles and all of the stuff that turns on and off and all of the stuff that pops and goes boom. Hopefully people all over Southern California will be able to experience some part of this, if not by direct association, then at least by indirect association. It will be cool. If the weather's clear, they'll be able to share this all over Southern California."

    On how METALLICA plans to celebrate its 30th anniversary:

    "I think we sort of forgot. When you get to have been around as long as we have, you can almost find an anniversary in anything — 10 years since this, 20 years since that came out, 15 years since somebody picked their nose. There's always an anniversary you can celebrate."

    On METALLICA's continued success and relevance, which Ulrich attributes to the band's ability to change:

    "We have a tendency to be pretty adventurous in METALLICA. We're not afraid to move around on the musical map a little bit ... you've got a lot of curious personalities in this band; you've got a lot of people who are very inspired by many different things. There's always different flavor that comes up whenever we get together and do our thing. We like to mix it up as much as possible. Hopefully in the wake of that, there comes an unpredictability and something where people don't pigeonhole you and take you for granted."

    Read the entire interview from The Press-Enterprise.

    Переводчики: Artur
    • CommentTime24/04/2011IsOnline
     # 274
    METALLICA To Re-Team With Producer RICK RUBIN For Next Album, Says Bassist - Apr. 24, 2011

    Kevin Conklin and Patrick Tish of the 93.7 KCLB Rocks! radio station in Palm Springs, California conducted an interview with METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo yesterday (Saturday, April 23) at the "Big Four" concert at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The chat can now be viewed below.

    When asked if METALLICA will once again work with producer Rick Rubin on its follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic", Trujillo said, "Yeah. I love working with Rick. Rick, to me, he's sort of a Zen guru spirit that METALLICA needs right now. Not to say that we need it right now, 'cause we're getting along incredibly well, we're really excited to write some new music. There's no shortage of riffage in METALLICA world right now. And I think it's only gonna get better. The first album with Rick was also the first album for me, so in a lot of ways, you're kind of testing the water. Now that we're comfortable with Rick and his incredible engineer, Greg Fidelman, who worked with SLAYER, actually, on this last record — it's my hero — it's a great team. And it's only gonna better; I really believe that. So I'm super-excited. I know that we've got another couple [of records] in us. And I think there's a demand. It seems like we've got some new fans, and they're waiting [for new music from METALLICA]."


    Переводчики: Artur
    • CommentTime3/05/2011IsOnline
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    METALLICA: We Have 'Over 700 New Riffs' To Choose From For Next Album - May 1, 2011

    METALLICA is scheduled to enter the studio later this month to begin recording a yet-to-be-revealed new project, which guitarist Kirk Hammett described to RollingStone.com as "more a recording project than a bona fide METALLICA album."

    In a brand new interview with U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich was asked to comment on the band's recording plans. "Ooh, boy. Yeah, I… What would you like me to say?" he replied. "Obviously, I can't talk about it. If I could talk about it, I would — you know me. It's… We'll see… It's something… We'll see how it plays out. If there's something, you'll be among the first to know, trust me."

    When asked if the project involved "something new," Ulrich paused before replying, "Er… something new? Um… not necessarily. It depends on where you look at it from. I wouldn't call it something new. You guys will be right there when we're ready to share it with somebody. Right now there's nothing to say, and Kirk's been… er… He's been given 10 push-ups! And not kid push-ups! Kirk is doing 10 push-ups every morning 'till rehearsal."

    Regarding whether there have been signs of any new material, Ulrich said, "James [Hetfield, guitar/vocals] told me in Australia that he had over 700 [new] riffs. That was slightly overwhelming. When I spoke to him yesterday, he told me that he'd been playing guitar again in the last couple of weeks. And listen, when James tunes his guitar, he comes up with three to five usable guitar riffs. It's kind of frightening. James is not allowed to play guitar without being recorded. Literally! There are also hours and hours of jams and tuning-room shindigs. After the ['Big Four'] gig [in Indio], we're gonna sit down and wade through two and half years' worth of riffs and jams and hopefully a lot of the seeds for the next METALLICA record will be in that. When you're just jamming instead of — quote — 'writing,' things have a tendency to be more organic and flow a little more. We can use the rest of the riffs for ringtones or… I don't know. Set up a web site: SpareRiffs.com."

    METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo told Palm Springs, California radio station KCLB-FM that the band will work with producer Rick Rubin again on the follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic" album, Rubin's first collaboration with the group.

    METALLICA decided to work with Rubin on "Death Magnetic" after making five albums over 15 years with producer Bob Rock.

    Speaking about METALICA's "return" to its metal roots with "Death Magnetic", Ulrich told Metal Hammer, "Obviously, the key element in this whole thing [goes back] to playing 'Master Of Puppets' in its entirety [in 2006], which was something that 10 years ago I'd have not thought we would ever do. Revisiting 'Puppets' while we were writing the next record certainly put a stamp on 'Death Magnetic'. We'd never allowed ourselves to be inspired by our past. And Rick Rubin encouraged us to be OK with revisiting 'Ride The Lightning' and so on. Then came the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame — which brought another kind of nostalgic thing. So there are these highlights over the past 10 years, these triggering points. The side of METALLICA that we are having a lot of fun with right now is the harder, faster, more manic, more out-of-control stuff than, say, the 'Load'-'Reload' British blues stuff. Playing a lot of the full-on metal stuff like 'Dyers Eve' and 'The Shortest Straw'. We played 'The Call Of Ktulu' in Australia. Bringing out 'Trapped Under Ice' again… It's just been cool to feel comfortable about embracing that side of METALLICA."


    Переводчики: Picasso
    • CommentTime2/06/2011IsOnline
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    METALLICA Is Most Influential Rock Band Of Last 30 Years - June 1, 2011

    METALLICA has been voted the most influential rock group of the last 30 years by the readers of the British magazine Kerrang!

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich said: "it gives me a very warm and fuzzy feeling that Kerrang! magazine have voted METALLICA as the band that most changed their lives.

    "I remember the first issue of the magazine in 1981. I had made a pilgrimage to England because I was obsessed with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. I travelled all over the country and that first issue accompanied me everywhere."

    Lars also paid tribute to IRON MAIDEN, which came in at No. 3 on the list. He said: "IRON MAIDEN have been the blueprint for everything that we have ever wanted to do."

    The poll is included in the next issue of Kerrang! magazine, which celebrates 30 years since the magazine launched in June 1981.

    The most influential rock groups of the last 30 years, as voted by the readers of Kerrang!:

    02. GREEN DAY
    04. SLIPKNOT
    08. BLINK 182


    Переводчики: PRIEST
    • CommentTime10/06/2011IsOnline
     # 277
    METALLICA Monopoly Game Coming Next Week - June 8, 2011

    One of the world's most popular board games, Monopoly, has been customized to celebrate the history and music of heavy metal giants METALLICA. The game will be available starting next week from the band's official webstore.

    METALLICA follows KISS, THE BEATLES, ELVIS PRESLEY and THE GRATEFUL DEAD, among other artists, who have their own Monopoly games.


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    METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT: 'We're Just Now Starting To Think About Writing New Material' - June 8, 2011

    Shawn Fernandes of GibsonGuitar.in recently conducted an interview with METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

    GibsonGuitar.in: Can Indian fans expect any new material at the [upcoming] shows [in October]?

    Kirk Hammett: Well, as far as new material is concerned we're just now starting to think about writing new material. I guess if anything is going to be finished between now and the end of October, who knows? We may play a new song, we may not, but because India's kind of a special place and it's the first time we're playing there, we might even break out a song that we haven't played for a while.

    GibsonGuitar.in: Which band, in your opinion, is the best band of the "Big Four?"

    Kirk Hammett: Err… well, us [laughs]. But, of course, I'd say us. The better question is who's my second favorite?

    GibsonGuitar.in: Fair enough. So who's your second favorite band?

    Kirk Hammett: I have to say SLAYER. What can I say, they're evil, they're heavy and they don't really compromise. SLAYER just rules. I also have to say though; Scott Ian [from ANTHRAX] is one of my best friends. I've known him for as long as I've been in the band and we hang out a lot socially. We do things together, our families get together, so I have to say I really just like hanging out with Scott 'cause he's one of my bros.

    GibsonGuitar.in: With all the touring, has the band been able to get cracking on a new album?

    Kirk Hammett: We haven't really started yet; we're thinking about it, though. [laughs] There's just a bunch of other things that we're doing right now. We keep telling ourselves that we're going to get 'round to start writing songs but, you know, something comes up. Normally it's a show or us having to travel to India to play or something or the other, and then the album gets put on the backburner for a bit. But I think personally, the new album will just happen when it happens.

    GibsonGuitar.in: You learnt under a legend, the great Joe Satriani. How did that happen and what was it like?

    Kirk Hammett: Well, by that time I had my Flying V and one day I said to a friend of mine, "Your guitar playing's really good. What's up? How come you're playing so good?" He said, "Oh, I found this new teacher in Berkeley, his name is Joe. You should check him out." So I went to this music store called Secondhand Guitars in Berkeley and I walk in and in the back I can hear someone playing guitar, crazy guitar, like no other guitar playing I'd ever heard. I went back there and there was Joe sitting on a chair and he says, "Hi, are you my new student?" I said "Yeah," and so we sat down and Joe just started playing. Even back then he sounded like he does now. I mean, all the components of his guitar style were in place back then. I was just so totally blown away by his technique and his style. The first thing he said to me is: "OK, if you're going to take lessons from me I expect you to learn your lessons. If you come in next week without learning the lessons, you're just going to be wasting our time and there's no real lesson for you to be taking lessons." So he kinda basically told me to have my act together when I came in the next week. So I had the lesson, learnt everything over the week and came back the next week. It just totally grew from there. I could tell that Joe really liked playing with me because we would always play longer than the allotted time. I mean usually he'd spend about a half an hour with his other students but for some odd reason he'd spend more time with me. I found out later that it was just because he liked playing guitar with me. Later on in interviews, Joe said that when he first started teaching me he could see something in my playing style and my approach that was just radically different from most people's approach at the time. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was way into heavy metal at a time when heavy metal wasn't even popular. It probably also had something to do with the fact that I was listening to guitar players like Ulrich Roth and Michael Schenker. I mean, there weren't a whole lot of people in the United States back then who even knew who those guitar players were. So I was coming from a pretty unique sort of perspective. I learnt a lot of things from Joe, a lot of things about technique especially. I also learnt that feel is better than anything and everything. So I've always strived be a player with a lot of feeling rather than a player with a lot of technique. I was always aware of the fact that you can say just as much with five notes as you can with five thousand notes. Learning that was very, very important to me.

    GibsonGuitar.in: METALLICA's been around 28 years now. We've seen many metal bands come and go, the genre itself has been through its ups and downs. What's that special sauce that's kept METALLICA at the very top for the last 30 years?

    Kirk Hammett: I honestly don't know. All I can tell you is that I think our music stands the test of time. The music still sounds modern and still sounds relevant 30 years in. People are hearing it and they still hear it fresh. All I can say is that it's just incredible that it's actually happened to us.


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    Secret Recording Project?

    June 15, 2011

    A few months ago our own Kirk Hammett hinted at a new Metallica project that's "not really 100 percent a Metallica record." While Kirk may have jumped the gun a little (and has since been properly punished with a series of push-ups!), we are more than proud to announce that we have just completed recording a full length album that is a collaboration with none other than the legendary Lou Reed.

    Ever since we had the pleasure of performing with Lou at the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden in October of 2009, we have been kicking around the idea of making a record together. Some of you astute Bay Area residents may have picked up news of recent Lou Reed sightings in the greater San Francisco area and we have indeed been working at our home studio at HQ on and off over the last few months. In what would be lightning speed for a Metallica related project, we recorded ten songs during this time and while at this moment we're not exactly sure when you'll hear it, we're beyond excited to share with you that the recording sessions wrapped up last week.

    A true innovator and easily one of the most influential songwriters, musicians, and performers in rock music history, Lou's work with the Velvet Underground and as a solo artist has such an enduring quality that he has long been revered and respected by us and many of our peers. We can't wait for you to listen to the finished record, so as we like to hear ourselves say around here, keep watching this spot for updates . . . we'll be back with more details as they come together.

    Переводчики: PRIEST
    • CommentTime25/06/2011IsOnline
     # 280
    METALLICA About LOU REED Collaboration - June 16, 2011

    David Fricke of RollingStone.com spoke to METALLICA and legendary rocker Lou Reed about their new collaborative studio album. The as-yet-untitled CD features 10 songs composed by Reed with significant arrangement contributions by METALLICA and is described by Fricke as "a raging union of [Reed's] 1973 noir classic, 'Berlin', and METALLICA's '86 crusher, 'Master Of Puppets'."

    On their unlikely collaboration:

    Reed: "A marriage made in heaven. I knew it from the first day we played together: 'Oh, man, this is perfection, right in front of me.' "?

    Lars Ulrich (METALLICA drummer): "I don't think we've ever felt this free. There's nothing that's totally outside of the boundary for us, nothing that feels like 'Oh, what happens if we go there?' The strength of us" – he gestures at Reed – "is it feels like we cannot land on a wrong place."?

    Reed: "They're bringing METALLICA, with all that power. And because they're pretty sophisticated, wherever I go, they're still with me."?

    James Hetfield (METALLICA guitarist/vocalist): "Lars and I listened to [Reed's demos] and it was like, 'Wow, this is very different.' It was scary at first, because the music was so open. But then I thought, 'This could go anywhere.'"

    Kirk Hammett (METALLICA guitarist): "It doesn't feel like we're his backup band. It feels like we're a different band, in a situation we've never been in before."

    Robert Trujillo (METALLICA bassist): "It's making us a better band."?

    On their first performance in October 2009 at the 25th-anniversary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame concerts in New York:

    Reed: "We knew from then that we were made for each other."

    On how and when the album will be released (Reed does not have a record deal, and METALLICA is no longer on Warner Bros.):

    Lars Ulrich: "We are free to go wherever. I'm obviously psyched for people to hear this, in whatever way we feel is right."?

    James Hetfield: "I told Lou I want to be there when people hear it. I want to see their faces."

    Songtitles set to appear on the CD include the seven-minute "Pumping Blood", which — according to Fricke — "opens with a drone that breaks into a crunching march, goes into speed-metal gear and breaks into free-fall sections," and "Mistress Dread", which "features Reed singing across a relentless staccato riff played at manic velocity."

    Read more from RollingStone.com.






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    METALLICA To Play Corporate Event In San Francisco - June 22, 2011

    METALLICA's official web site has been updated with the following message:

    "San Francisco show?? Well, sort of…

    "It all started when Kirk [Hammett, guitar] mentioned that his next-door neighbor had invited us to play at his party in San Francisco and we figured, 'Why not?' After all, it has been quite some time since we've played in our hometown, and we haven't exactly been getting out a lot lately.

    "Well, it turns out that Kirk's neighbor, Marc Benioff, is the top dog at a 'small' company called Salesforce.com and his shindig actually lasts for four days and hosts over 30,000 people!

    "So much for a little backyard barbeque . . .

    "Following in the footsteps of Neil Young, the FOO FIGHTERS, BLACK CROWES, and Stevie Wonder, we are excited to announce that we have been invited to play at the ninth annual Salesforce.com Dreamforce convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 31. It promises to be quite the party... Where else can you learn everything you ever wanted to know about cloud computing during the day and then rock out with the 'TALLICA at night?

    "If you're planning to attend Dreamforce, cool, we look forward to seeing you there and of course, if you're a Met Club [official METALLICA fan club] member, log in and check out how you can win tickets . . . we're giving hundreds away."


    • CommentTime13/10/2011IsOnline
     # 282

    Виктор прислал:

    У Металлики вышел новый альбом, а общественность этого еще не знает. Вот текст с сайта metallica.com:
    Давайте уже отдельной новостью выложим про LULU.
    Limited run tube including a poster of the “Lulu” mannequin and song lyrics, three high quality prints of Anton Corbijn photos of Lou Reed and Metallica, and the double CD of “Lulu” in a unique folding slipcase.

    Each tube is numbered. Dimensions of the tube are approximately 5.5 inches in diameter by 49 inches long.

    The musical collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, "Lulu," was inspired by German expressionist writer Frank Wedekind's plays "Earth Spirit" and "Pandora's Box," which tell a story of a young abused dancer's life and relationships and are now collectively known as the "Lulu Plays." Since their publication in the early 1900's, the plays have been the inspiration for a silent film ("Pandora's Box," 1929), an opera, and countless other creative endeavors. Originally the lyrics and musical landscape were sketched out by Lou for a theatrical production in Berlin, but after coming together with the 'Tallica boys for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts in New York in 2009 they all knew they wanted to make more music together. Fast forward to the end of April, 2011 when Lou and the band camped out recording at HQ studios in Northern California, bringing us to today and ten complete songs.

    1. Brandenburg Gate (4:19)
    2. The View (5:17)
    3. Pumping Blood (7:24)
    4. Mistress Dread (6:52)
    5. Iced Honey (4:36)
    6. Cheat On Me (11:26)
    7. Frustration (8:33)
    8. Little Dog (8:01)
    9. Dragon (11:08)
    10. Junior Dad (19:28)

    Картинки к новости брать отсюда: http://store.loureedmetallica.com/
    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
    • CommentTime13/10/2011IsOnline
     # 283
    AntУ Металлики вышел новый альбом
    Таки еще не вышел, но ладно.:face-grin:
    • CommentTime14/10/2011IsOnline
     # 284
    **ILYUXA$**AntУ Металлики вышел новый альбом

    Таки еще не вышел, но ладно.:face-grin:

    Да как бы и не Metallica вцелом :face-smile-big:
    • CommentTime7/01/2012IsOnline
     # 285
    Metallica in 3D?
    Happy New Year!!! As you know, we generally make it a policy not to comment on gossip or rumors, but we also pride ourselves on being first with 'Tallica news. So, with that said, the more astute of you may have noticed a couple of mentions in trade publications, and most recently in the new issue of Rolling Stone, that a Metallica 3D movie is in the works. We're here to tell you that, yes, there is indeed a 3D project in the very early stages of production! We wish we could tell you more right now, but we don't have all the finer points nailed down just yet. What we can tell you is that we are planning on being in a theatre near you sometime in 2013 and as you hear us say ever so often, this will be the space for all the details as we finalize them.

    Welcome to 2012... we're pretty psyched about the year ahead!

    Переводчики: PRIEST
    • CommentTime29/07/2012IsOnline
     # 286
    Deep Purple Tribute Album

    July 23, 2012

    We are honored to finally confirm that our contribution to the much-discussed Deep Purple tribute album Re-Machined – a Tribute to Deep Purple’s Machine Head will be available on September 4, 2012 through our good friends at Classic Rock Magazine as part of a special “fan-pack.” Those of you who know us will have figured out we don’t always take the most conventional path, and sure enough, we decided to cover a song called “When A Blind Man Cries,” which was recorded during these sessions, but not included on the album. Instead, it was used as the B-side on the "Never Before" single. The song does appear as a bonus track on the album's 25th anniversary edition.

    As you might have noticed with these fan-packs, the mag portion is always full of really cool exclusive content, and this one is no different, with 128 pages of exclusive chats with Purple members as well as one of the last-ever interviews with the mighty Jon Lord, who sadly passed away recently.

    Aside from us, the likes of Iron Maiden, Steve Vai and Black Label Society also feature. Here’s the full track-listing:

    1. Smoke On The Water – Carlos Santana / Jacoby Shaddix

    2. Highway Star – Chickenfoot

    3. Maybe I’m A Leo – Glenn Hughes/Chad Smith

    4. Pictures of Home – Black Label Society

    5. Never Before – Kings of Chaos

    6. Smoke On The Water – The Flaming Lips

    7. Lazy – Jimmy Barnes with Joe Bonamassa

    8. Space Truckin’ – Iron Maiden

    9. When A Blind Man Cries – Metallica

    Plus, exclusive to this special edition:

    10. Highway Star – Steve Vai, Glenn Hughes, Chad Smith, Lauchlan Doley

    Classic Rock Presents: Re-Machined – a Tribute to Deep Purple’s Machine Head is published on September 4, 2012, so be sure to check your local rag/mag store after that date or pre-order by clicking here.

    Keep your eyes peeled for additional information about a wider release of the album including the States later in the Fall.

    Переводчики: PRIEST
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     # 287
    More Magnetic... on DVD!

    Happy September... we've got an early Christmas present for you! As we get ready to head back into the studio, we thought we would round out the Death Magnetic experience with the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the two nights we filmed in Quebec City way back in the fall of 2009. We were in the thick of the World Magnetic tour at that time and thought it would be cool to invite our friend Wayne Isham out to capture the shows, so while we were getting ready to film the 3D movie and all the other shenanigans we've been up to since then, Wayne and his team have been quietly editing and working with our team of next level audio engineers. The resulting two disc set will be ready in early December of this year with all the details coming very soon. However, we need your help now!

    As we mentioned before, we played two shows... we would like YOU to pick which setlist is the main feature with the remaining songs not played in the setlist that you choose appearing later on the disc in the "extras" section. It's simple - just vote for setlist one or setlist two before this Monday, September 24 at 9:00 AM PDT and which ever setlist gets the most votes will be our "main feature."

    Thanks in advance and as we love to say, keep watching here for all the info!

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    "Through The Never": Metallica veröffentlichen den Soundtrack zum Film
    Metallica & Lou Reed Lulu 2011
    Im Oktober kommt der spektakuläre Metallica-Film "Through The Never" in die US-Kinos. In Deutschland steht zumindest ein anderes Datum fest: Am 20. September 2013 erscheint hierzulande der dazugehörige Soundtrack. Auf zwei CDs verteilt, liefert das Werk Live-Versionen der bekanntesten Hits, die die Rocker in dem 3D-Film zum Besten geben.

    "Metallica Through The Never (Music From The Motion Picture)" enhält Metallica-Klassiker
    Neben "Master Of Puppets" und "Nothing Else Matters" ist auch der Klassiker "Enter Sandman" auf dem Soundtrack zu finden, der insgesamt 16 Tracks bietet. Für die Fans bieten Metallica den Longplayer in verschiedenen Versionen an: physisch, digital sowie als Vinyl.

    Das ist die Tracklist vom Metallica-Soundtrack "Through The Never":
    Disc 1

    1. The Ecstasy of Gold (live)

    2. Creeping Death (live)

    3. For Whom The Bell Tolls (live)

    4. Fuel (live)

    5. Ride The Lightning (live)

    6. One (live)

    7. The Memory Remains (live)

    8. Wherever I May Roam (live)

    9. Cyanide (live)

    10. …And Justice For All (live)

    Disc 2

    1. Master Of Puppets (live)

    2. Battery (live)

    3. Nothing Else Matters (live)

    4. Enter Sandman (live)

    5. Hit The Lights (live)

    6. Orion (live)

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    KIRK HAMMETT Says METALLICA Will Play 'Completely Insane' Rendition Of 'One' At GRAMMY AWARDS

    January 17, 2014

    KIRK HAMMETT Says METALLICA Will Play 'Completely Insane' Rendition Of 'One' At GRAMMY AWARDS
    METALLICA will perform at the 56th annual Grammy Awards — the band's first appearance at the music industry's biggest event in 22 years — alongside renowned Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang. METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed to RollingStone.com that the band will play its classic song "One" at the event and that it will be "completely insane."

    He explained: "Lang Lang has interjected himself into the song in a way I don't think anyone else has ever done in the course of our career. He's going to be playing major parts of the songs. He's going to be playing through the melody." Hammett also revealed that METALLICA has already been working with Lang Lang on a demo of the song and that the collaboration definitely works. "He's going to be weaving in and out of my guitar solos, which is amazing for me," said Hammett. "I've never played with another instrument that's been able to do that so effortlessly."

    But Hammett was quick to add: "We're keeping all the heavy parts. And it's going to be really cool and it's really dynamic."

    The soundtrack to METALLICA's recent 3D IMAX movie, "Metallica Through The Never", is nominated for a Grammy for "Best Recording Package."

    The 56th annual Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday, January 26 at the Los Angeles Staples Center and will be broadcast live at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

    METALLICA first performed on the Grammy Awards in 1989 — the first metal band to do so as the event included an award for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance" for the first time ever. METALLICA performed "One" and was largely favored to win — before losing to JETHRO TULL in one of the most embarrassing and widely ridiculed upsets in Grammy history.

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     # 290
    METALLICA, SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS Members Perform BLACK SABBATH Covers At Benefit Concert (Video)

    Members of METALLICA, SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, SUICIDE SILENCE, DEATH ANGEL, FORBIDDEN and HIGH ON FIRE performed classic songs by BLACK SABBATH as part of an all-star tribute band that headlined the "Robb Flynn & Friends" benefit concert this past Friday, January 17 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse in Oakland, California. Fan-filmed video footage of the show can be seen below.

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