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    • CommentTime19/02/2010IsOnline
     # 181
    METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER, ANTHRAX Confirmed For Greece's SONISPHERE - Feb. 18, 2010

    The "Big Four" of the 1980s underground thrash metal scene — METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX — have been confirmed for the Greek edition of the Sonisphere festival, set to take place June 24, 2010 at Terra Vibe Park in Athens. Also scheduled to appear are MASTODON and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE.

    For more information, go to this location.

    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX broke out of the underground thrash movement to dominate the metal world in the 1980s, selling millions of records and packing arenas across the globe. The metal giants have never before all shared the same stage, despite huge demand. But on June 16, 2010, METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX will take to the Sonisphere stage for the first time at Bemowo Airport, Poland to make the dreams of headbangers the world over become a reality.

    Commented METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich: "Who would have thought that more than 25 years after its inception, thrash metal's 'Big Four' would not only still be around and more popular than ever, but will now play together for the first time...what a mindfuck! Bring it on!"

    "It's about fucking time this happened," said SLAYER's Kerry King, "and about time the fans finally get what they want. This is fucking awesome."

    ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian agreed, commenting on the enormity of the announcement. "People have been talking about these four bands playing together since 1984," he said. "That's twenty-six years of expectation!! And the thing is, I believe not only will we live up to the expectations, we will shatter them! No other four bands as influential as the four of us have ever done this. Imagine if THE BEATLES, STONES, THE WHO and ZEPPELIN had done shows? Or SABBATH, PRIEST, MAIDEN, MOTÖRHEAD? Well, I may be getting into some rarified air here but as a fan, that's how big I feel this is."

    "This is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity for heavy metal fans to see the four greatest heavy metal bands in American history back together on one stage," concluded MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. "If there are any heads left at the end of this festival that haven't banged, they don't belong there."

    Rumors of a massive tour featuring thrash metal's "Big Four" first began circulating last summer after SLAYER guitarist Kerry King told U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine that Ulrich was trying to make the package a reality. Those rumors were seemingly squashed when METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett said that the outing would never see the light of day. Kirk said in an early October radio interview, "That tour is not gonna happen. I've been hearing that, we've all been hearing that for awhile. I get asked about it regularly. And as far as a tour going on, it's not gonna happen." When asked why, Hammett said, "Conflicting schedules, conflicting personalities, a lot of conflicting things. It's a good idea though. And, personally, I can see the significance of playing a tour like that, but... it's not gonna happen."

    METALLICA frontman James Hetfield recently gave The Pulse of Radio a little more insight into how the "Big Four" tour rumor started. "I think it was certainly spurred on by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and getting all these great, nostalgic feelings, you know. And, you know, the more we thought about — 'Hey, you know what? We should celebrate the Bay Area thrash scene. Why don't we make a reunion of that or something?' And it basically morphed into, you know, the Big Four doing a gig together, and how cool that would be. Pretty much it went as far as that."

    Hetfield added that while the idea was looked into, it never really got that far. "We kind of talked a little bit about it, went back and forth," he said. "No one really looked into it. But then the rumor got out and it's one of those things like, 'Well, is it true?' It's one of those awkward positions that you're in — you have a good idea, and you haven't followed through with it quite yet. But I think it would be a great celebration of the past and where we are now in our lives. I think it would be great."

    Much of the fan speculation about such a tour revolved around the participation of MEGADETH, which is led by former METALLICA guitarist Dave Mustaine. Mustaine has expressed ambivalence about opening for the band that kicked him out 27 years ago and has gone as far as to say that he would not be interested in playing "in the round" (with the stage in the center of the arena and the crowd surrounding), which seems to be METALLICA's preferred stage setup nowadays.


    • CommentTime3/03/2010IsOnline
     # 182
    Israeli Metal Fans Boycott METALLICA Concert - Mar. 2, 2010

    According to Metal Israel, a number of METALLICA fans in Israel have vowed to boycott the band's May 22 appearance at Ramat Gan stadium in Tel Aviv after the concert's promoter, Marcel Avram, announced that he would charge no less than 600 shekel (around $159 based on the current exchange rate) for the cheapest seats, with the floor seats costing double that amount. A Facebook page has been launched in an effort to bring attention to this issue and over 540 fans have reportedly already "committed" to boycotting the show.

    According to Metal Israel, "the initiators of the boycott state that METALLICA tickets do not cost nearly as much as this in the rest of the world and assert that the promoter is trying to take advantage of loyal METALLICA fans. They propose that tickets should cost from 300 to 600 shekel, depending on the quality of seat — prices that are still high for the Israeli metal scene (international bands come to Israel all the time and tickets generally run in the 175-250 range)."

    This will be METALLICA's third visit to Israel; they appeared at the Amphi Park in Rishon Letzion in 1999 and Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park six years earlier.

    METALLICA wrapped the first leg of the jaunt at the end of January in Brazil, resuming in early March with stops in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama and Colombia.


    Переводчики: Mr.Propper
    • CommentTime9/03/2010IsOnline
     # 183
    Israeli METALLICA Fans Reach Agreement With Promoter, End Concert Boycott - Mar. 3, 2010

    Israeli fans of the legendary heavy metal band METALLICA have ended their boycott of the group's May 22 concert at the Ramat Gan Stadium in Tel Aviv after reaching an agreement with the show's promoter about a significant drop in ticket prices.

    The fans created a Facebook page to initiate a boycott of the concert after learning that the cheapest tickets for the show were going for around $159. According to the creators of the page, METALLICA tickets around the world were being sold for significantly less than the tickets that were available for purchase for the Tel Aviv gig.

    The show's promoter Marcel Avram was said to be behind the high ticket prices, according to Metal Israel.

    The fans were proposing that the price should range from 300 to 600 shekel or around $80 to $160, depending on the seat quality, which they insisted was still high, as international bands that come to Israel generally charge 175 to 250 shekel ($46 to $66).

    Tomer Mussman and Rotem Horovitz, two of the fans who launched the effort to bring awareness to this issue, have released the following update on the matter:

    "Friends, I'm shaking with excitement as I'm writing this.

    "After a four-day campaign, tens of news items about us worldwide, over 6,000 supporters and numerous media interviews, we can say that we did it! We won!

    "This afternoon, Or and Tomer Mussman met with Mr. Gad Oron, the promoter's representative, and reached an agreement about a significant drop in ticket prices.

    "We would like to personally thank METALLICA and their management for directly helping us with reaching our goal and reducing the prices.

    "We are officially asking each and every one of you to stop the boycott, and come and enjoy METALLICA's concert with us on May 22.

    "We want to thank each and every one of you who made their contribution to our successful campaign by joining, signing the petition, or sending links from and to the media everywhere and helping our voice to be heard and echo all around the world.

    "We want to thank the producers, METALLICA members and management who were willing to talk to us."

    The new prices ticket prices can be seen at this location. They are also listed below.

    This will be METALLICA's third visit to Israel; they appeared at the Amphi Park in Rishon Letzion in 1999 and Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park six years earlier.

    METALLICA wrapped the first leg of the jaunt at the end of January in Brazil, resuming in early March with stops in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama and Colombia.



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    • CommentTime9/03/2010IsOnline
     # 184
    METALLICA's 'Nothing Else Matters' Covered By Dutch Violin Player - Mar. 4, 2010

    Dutch violin player Karianne Brouwer has uploaded her version of the classic METALLICA ballad "Nothing Else Matters". She says, "'Nothing Else Matters' belongs to my list of favorite music. Although the original version is great, I had the wish to make my own arrangement of this piece, so here it is!"

    The original version of "Nothing Else Matters" appeared on METALLICA's 1991 self-titled album, which has sold more than 15.5 million copies in the United States since its release. The song reached #11 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 1992.

    Because of the song's popularity (and ease of play compared to METALLICA's other material) it has been covered many times, by both artists within and outside the rock genre.

    Cover could be listen at this location.

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    • CommentTime9/03/2010IsOnline
     # 185
    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, HEAVEN & HELL Confirmed For Turkey's SONISPHERE - Mar. 4, 2010

    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, HEAVEN & HELL and RAMMSTEIN are among the confirmed bands for the Turkish edition of the Sonisphere festival, set to take place June 25-27, 2010 at BJK Inonu Stadi in Istanbul.

    The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


    Tickets go on sale March 5 at 11:00 a.m.

    For more information, go to this location.


    Переводчики: Ironhead
    • CommentTime9/03/2010IsOnline
     # 186
    METALLICA: Swedish 'Enter Sandman' TV Special Available - Mar. 9, 2010

    A 28-minute Swedish TV (SVT) special, "Hitlåtens Historia" ("The Story Of The Hit"), dedicated to the classic METALLICA song "Enter Sandman" can be viewed in four parts below.

    "Enter Sandman" was featured as the opening track and lead single from METALLICA's eponymous 1991 album. The song was produced by Bob Rock, and the music was written by Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, and James Hetfield. Vocalist and guitarist Hetfield wrote the lyrics, which deal with the simplest concept of a child's nightmares.

    The "Enter Sandman" single was certified gold in the United States for sales in excess of 500,000 copies. Acclaimed by critics, the song is featured on all of METALLICA's live albums and DVDs released after 1991 and has been played live at award ceremonies and benefit concerts. It is considered to be METALLICA's signature song to the general public.

    METALLICA's self-titled "black album" has sold more than 15 million copies in the U.S., according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
    • CommentTime11/03/2010IsOnline
     # 187
    'Violence And Chaos' At METALLICA's Bogota Concert - Mar. 11, 2010

    ColombiaReports.com reports: Violence and chaos broke out around Bogota's Simon Bolivar park Wednesday night, when hundreds of frenzied fans tried to crash heavy metal band METALLICA's first Colombian concert in eleven years.

    Three people were stabbed, a policeman injured, more than 50 people were arrested and property was vandalized and destroyed, as ticketless fans tried to storm the venue in order to catch a glimpse of their rock-god idols.

    The policeman and three civilians were hospitalized for their injuries.

    Radio Santa Fe reported that prior to the concert, there were posts on social networking site Facebook inciting fans to crash the METALLICA concert.

    Estimates of audience numbers by Colombian media sources oscillate wildly between 20,000 and 70,000.

    Authorities implemented security measures as heavy as the band's music, with some 1,500 police employed to stand guard during the event, as well as four tanks and several police trucks.

    There were no reports in the Colombian media that the tanks had been deployed.

    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
    • CommentTime15/03/2010IsOnline
     # 188
    Manager: METALLICA Planning Stage Show To Rival PINK FLOYD's 'The Wall' - Mar. 15, 2010

    According to U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine, METALLICA manager Peter Mensch has revealed the band has some major plans for 2011.

    "Let's just say that next year you will see a METALLICA tour that will blow your mind. They will only play in 10 cities but it will be a huge undertaking. It will be METALLICA's equivalent of 'The Wall'."

    This revelation came up when Classic Rock writer Peter Makowski interviewed Mensch for a feature about the most powerful men in rock and asked him to define his role as a manager.

    Mensch replied: "Coming up with ideas so that the lives shows are interesting. Just shooting off dumb ideas and, by the way, between you and me, some of it is recycling stuff that people did 25 years ago but no one's smart enough to know that we recycled it.

    "Saying something like: 'I have this idea for us to play an equivalent of 'The Wall'. So here's some ideas so we can get the professionals in to they can tell me if I'm crazy or not.' It's like plotting out a canvas so someone else can fill it in."


    Переводчики: **ILYUXA$**
    • CommentTime18/03/2010IsOnline
     # 189
    Unauthorized JAMES HETFIELD Biography Due In April - Mar. 17, 2010

    "James Hetfield: The Wolf At Metallica's Door", the unauthorized biography of METALLICA's iconic frontman, is scheduled for release on April 22 via Independent Music Press. Penned by Scottish author and journalist Mark Eglinton, the book features interviews with key figures from Hetfield's past, telling insight into the gritty upbringing that moulded the man he would later become.

    A description of the book reads as follows: "While the METALLICA story and that of Hetfield are closely linked, this honest and definitive biography focuses exclusively on the man himself, and successfully humanizes and demystifies one of metal's most guarded individuals. Not just that, some of Hetfield's childhood friends from his days growing up in Downey, California have agreed to talk for the first time about their relationship with him; a feature which truly sets this book apart from all related titles to date. Additionally, there is vital input from metal peers such as Charlie Benante [ANTHRAX], Jerry Cantrell [ALICE IN CHAINS], Rex Brown [PANTERA, DOWN], Jeff Waters [ANNIHILATOR] and Mille Petrozza [KREATOR], among a list of equally important others, and to kick things off there's an excellent and fitting foreword by legendary [TESTAMENT] singer Chuck Billy.

    "A sad fact worth mentioning too is that both of James Hetfield's parents succumbed to cancer, and as a gesture of recognition, the U.K. publisher IMP is donating 25p of every copy sold to the Cancer Research charity."

    "James Hetfield: The Wolf At Metallica's Door" is described as "essential reading for both fans of the man, or indeed anyone receptive to a genuinely inspiring human story."

    The book is available to pre-order now on Amazon.com.


    Переводчики: Ironhead
    • CommentTime25/03/2010IsOnline
     # 190
    METALLICA's 'The Day That Never Comes' Named Top Metal Video Of Last Decade - Mar. 25, 2010

    METALLICA's "The Day That Never Comes" was voted the No. 1 metal video of the last decade in an online poll conducted by MTV Greece's "Headbangers Ball". The results of he poll, which ended on March 16, were announced on last Tuesday's show as well as on MTV Greece's official web site.

    "Headbangers Ball Top 10" videos of the last decade:

    01. METALLICA - "The Day That Never Comes"
    02. LAMB OF GOD - "Walk With Me In Hell"
    03. MACHINE HEAD - "Now I Lay Thee Down"
    04. SYSTEM OF A DOWN - "Chop Suey"
    05. SLIPKNOT - "Duality"
    06. TOOL - "Schism"
    07. NIGHTWISH - "Nemo"
    08. RAMMSTEIN - "Mein Teil"
    09. IRON MAIDEN - "The Wicker Man"
    10. THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND - "Vampira"

    "The Day That Never Comes" video was shot in July 2008 in Acton, California (about an hour's drive north of Los Angeles).

    METALLICA guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield told MTV.com that the clip isn't making any lofty political statements about the war in Iraq. Instead, it's a statement on humanity, helmed by acclaimed Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, who, along with Lars von Trier, co-founded the Dogme 95 movement in filmmaking. Hetfield said that when he was writing the song's lyrics, he never envisioned the video would look anything like this.

    "That's the beauty, I think, of writing vague but powerful lyrics — that someone like a movie director can interpret it in his own way and obviously, someone creative is able to take the metaphors and apply them to whatever he needs in his own life," the frontman explained to MTV.com. "The main [theme of the video] is the human element of forgiveness and someone doing you wrong, you feeling resentment and you being able to see through that in the next situation that might be similar and not take your rage or resentment out on the next person and basically keep spreading the disease of that through life."

    He added, "The one thing that I wasn't keen on here was METALLICA plugging into a modern war or a current event [that] might be construed as some sort of political statement on our part. There are so many celebrities that soapbox their opinions, and people believe it's more valid because they're popular. For us, people are people — you should all have your own opinion. We are hopefully putting the human element in what is an unfortunate part of life. There are people over there dealing with situations like this, and we're showing the human part of being there.

    "It's the forgiveness part — that is key," he continued. "METALLICA has never plugged into any current event visually, but this one is kind of a hotbed. People have very high opinions about this war, and we're trying to cut through all of that. The politics and the religion tend to separate people, and what we're trying to do is bring it together with the common thread of resentment and forgiveness."

    The Greek version of MTV's "Headbangers Ball" is hosted by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos and Vanessa Christodoulou and airs every Tuesday at midnight. The show can also be viewed via MTV Greece's web site in the "Video Galleries" section.

    Переводчики: PRIEST
    • CommentTime1/04/2010IsOnline
     # 191
    METALLICA Goes Smooth Jazz - Apr. 1, 2010

    Despite the fact that METALLICA's 1991 self-titled fifth album, commonly known as "the black album," has sold a gazillion copies, the band's hit song "Enter Sandman" is still considered to be too "hard" for most mainstream listeners.

    In order to cement the LP's status as the best-selling CD of the SoundScan era, the members of METALLICA have opted to produce a new version of "Sandman" that even your mom can "rock out" to. The results of this session can be heard in the YouTube clip below.

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    • CommentTime2/04/2010IsOnline
     # 192
    METALLICA, BLACK SABBATH Team Up For Special Single - Mar. 31, 2010

    According to NME.com, METALLICA and BLACK SABBATH will team up for a special one-off joint 12-inch vinyl single to celebrate "Record Store Day" (April 17).

    Limited to just 1,000 copies, the release — with each band logo on a corresponding side of the record — features the UNKLE remix of METALLICA's "Frantic" and a version of BLACK SABBATH's "Paranoid" with alternate lyrics.

    "Record Store Day" celebrates the continued existence of independent record stores, mostly through live in-store appearances, performances and special limited-edition releases that will only be sold through participating stores on the day itself, which is April 17 this year.

    For a list of participating stores, go to this location.

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    • CommentTime7/04/2010IsOnline
     # 193
    The End Of The Line Blowout Sale!
    Need. . . more and more! Here's your last chance to buy discontinued merchandise that will soon be gone for good! We have marked down Skateboard Decks, Heavy Metal Box Sets, Death Magnetic Lunch Boxes, Fixxxer Converse Shoes, Jump in the Fire Action Figures, Flip Flops, Track Jackets, Thermals, and many more items as low as they can possibly go! This merchandise has reached the end of the line, so don't miss out!!! As an added bonus, 2009 World Magnetic Tour Shirts will be marked down AND several of your favorite, top selling T-shirts will be available at rock-bottom prices as well!
    Check it all out in the Metallica.com Store!
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    • CommentTime7/04/2010IsOnline
     # 194
    April/May Opening Acts

    Whew . . . we had a great run in Latin America and are gearing up to head back to Europe next month after a short break. We're happy to report that Fear Factory and Gojira have graciously agreed to hang with us for the April shows, while Lars' Danish buddies Volbeat have signed up for the May shows (with the exception of May 22 in Tel Aviv, where local band Orphaned Land will take the stage).
    We'll see YOU out there starting April 13 in Oslo, Norway.

    Переводчики: kosa
    • CommentTime15/04/2010IsOnline
     # 195
    METALLICA's 'Load' To Be Re-Released On Vinyl - Apr. 14, 2010

    METALLICA's official web site has been updated with the following message:

    "We know it's been a little time since we last talked vinyl, but we're keepin' our promise to release the entire catalog, bringing you 'Load' on May 18.

    "If you've been following along, you know the drill — there will be two packages, a two-disc gatefold package for the 33.3 version, and a box for the four-disc, 180-gram, 45-rpm deluxe edition.

    "All the music was half-speed-mastered from the original analog tapes at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, California to bring you audiophile quality.

    "Check out your fave local record shop, or just head over here to the METALLICA store to pick up a copy starting Tuesday, May 18.

    "We don't have details on a release for our friends outside of North America at this time so we'll hit you back here as soon as we know more. And, of course, 'Re-Load' is next in the queue... tentative date for that to hit the streets is at the end of June."

    METALLICA's sixth studio album, "Load" was released on June 4, 1996. It spent four consecutive weeks at the top of The Billboard 200 chart and has since sold over five million copies in America.

    With a running time of 78 minutes and 59 seconds, "Load" is METALLICA's longest studio album. Initial pressings of the LP were affixed with stickers that boasted its long playtime, simply reading "78:59." Consequently, "The Outlaw Torn" had to be shortened by about one minute to fit on the LP. The full version was released on a single for "The Memory Remains" as "The Outlaw Torn (Unencumbered by Manufacturing Restrictions Version)" with a running time of 10:48.

    The cover of the album is original artwork entitled "Semen and Blood III". It is one of three photographic studies by Andres Serrano created in 1990 by mingling the artist's own semen and bovine blood between two sheets of Plexiglas. The liner notes simply state "Cover art by Andres Serrano" rather than listing the actual title of the work.

    In a 2009 interview with Classic Rock magazine, METALLICA guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield expressed his dislike of the album cover and its inspiration. "Lars [Ulrich, drums] and Kirk [Hammett, guitar] were very into abstract art, pretending they were gay," he said. "I think they knew it bugged me. It was a statement around all that. I love art, but not for the sake of shocking others. I think the cover of 'Load' was just a piss-take around all that. I just went along with the make-up and all of this crazy, stupid shit that they felt they needed to do."


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    • CommentTime18/04/2010IsOnline
     # 196
    METALLICA Frontman Featured In 'Absent' Documentary - Apr. 18, 2010

    Debra Mayeux of The Daily Times reports that METALLICA frontman James Hetfield was interviewed for "Absent", a new documentary which examines the need for an emotional bond that children without fathers often experience.

    New Mexico filmmaker Justin Hunt was negotiating with possible narrators when his big break came via an e-mail, received two weeks ago.

    "I was driving on the freeway I almost crashed," Hunt said. The e-mail was from METALLICA. Hetfield wanted to be involved with the project.

    Hetfield came from a broken home. "My family fell apart," he said in a clip from the film. "I had feelings of abandonment."

    The candid and emotional interview shows a rare side of Hetfield. This leader of one of rock's monster bands has three children with his wife Francesca.

    But with a closer look at his lyrics, according to Hunt, there is the pain from the absence of Hetfield's father, Virgil.

    Hunt was granted access to those lyrics as well as the use of six METALLICA songs within the movie. He recently was invited back to METALLICA headquarters in San Francisco, where he will record a voice-over of Hetfield reading song lyrics.

    Rad more from The Daily Times.


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    • CommentTime18/04/2010IsOnline
     # 197
    Icelandic Volcano Ash Cannot Stop METALLICA And FEAR FACTORY - Apr. 17, 2010

    METALLICA and FEAR FACTORY have made it to Riga, Latvia for tonight's performance at Riga Arena.

    "It took us over 24 hours to get from Oslo, Norway to Riga, Latvia with METALLICA and their crew of 50-plus people on a charter bus and ferry," FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

    "All flights were canceled because the Iceland volcanic ash in the air."

    He added, "I hope we can make it home."

    A video message from FEAR FACTORY vocalist Burton C. Bell recorded earlier today in Riga can be viewed below.

    A cloud of ash from an Icelandic volcano continued to blanket Europe Saturday, shutting down airspace in 23 countries and causing travel misery for millions of people.

    Переводчики: Ironhead
    • CommentTime20/04/2010IsOnline
     # 198
    METALLICA To Play Moscow Gig Despite European Flight Chaos - Apr. 19, 2010

    According to RIA Novosti, METALLICA will play its two concerts in Moscow this weekend despite the ongoing chaos with air travel across Europe, the concert organizers said.

    The eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, which began on April 14, has paralyzed air traffic throughout central and northern Europe, stranding thousands of travelers and forcing more than 20 European countries to close their airspace.

    However, METALLICA was already in Oslo on its World Magnetic Tour when the eruption began.

    "Thank God, they managed to fly from America to our continent, and now they are moving either by car or by train, so that they get to Moscow," SAV Entertainment and Russian Show-Centre head Vladimir Zubitskiy said.

    They play Vilnius on Tuesday and Wednesday and then Moscow's Olimpiisky Sports Complex on Saturday and Sunday, April 24 and 25.

    Переводчики: Ironhead
    • CommentTime1/05/2010IsOnline
     # 199
    METALLICA Announces Australia, New Zealand Dates - Apr. 28, 2010

    METALLICA will embark on a tour of Australia and New Zealand in October/November.

    Commented the band: "We know, we know . . . it has been WAY too long since we visited this part of the world, but we're here to tell you that it is game on!!!!

    "We can't wait to head over to New Zealand and many parts of Australia bringing the World Magnetic Tour to places it has not rocked yet. Starting October 13, 2010 in Auckland, NZ, we'll also be in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne .

    "Tickets go on sale Thursday, May 13 at 9:00 a.m. in the local time zone. As usual, Met Club members should check www.metclub.com for all the pre-sale details.

    "We look forward to seeing all our friends there who have patiently (or maybe not so patiently!) waited over six years!!!"

    The dates are as follows:

    Oct. 13 - Auckland, New Zealand @ Vector Arena
    Oct. 18 - Brisbane, Australia @ Entertainment Centre
    Oct. 22 - Perth, Australia @ Burswood Dome
    Nov. 10 - Sydney, Australia @ Acer Arena
    Nov. 15 - Adelaide, Australia @ Entertainment Centre
    Nov. 18 - Melbourne, Australia @ Rod Laver Arena


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    • CommentTime1/05/2010IsOnline
     # 200
    METALLICA's 'Master Of Puppets' Named 'Best Heavy Metal Album Of All Time' - Apr. 29, 2010

    METALLICA's 1986 LP "Master of Puppets" has been named the "best heavy metal album of all time" in a poll for musicians' web site MusicRadar.com.

    With the results released on International Noise Awareness Day, MusicRadar.com teamed up with Metal Hammer, the U.K.'s best-selling heavy metal magazine, to create a countdown of the ultimate headbanging records. The online poll attracted over 6,000 votes from musicians and metal enthusiasts.

    With a whopping 20% of total votes, "Master of Puppets" remains as popular today as when it was released in March 1986. Acclaimed by fans and critics alike, the album went multi-platinum, going on to sell over six million copies in the U.S. alone, despite receiving no radio airplay, with no single or music video to accompany it.

    METALLICA's grip on the heavy metal scene is evident throughout the chart, with four of their albums appearing in the MusicRadar.com top 25. Today, the band continues to perform sold-out shows across the globe, with their music regularly appearing in best-selling videogames, including Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

    The U.S. band beat legendary U.K. metal act IRON MAIDEN's 1982 album "The Number of the Beast" into second spot, with GUNS N' ROSES' "Appetite for Destruction" in third. Other acts in the top ten include Birmingham's BLACK SABBATH and AC/DC — who also soundtracked this week's blockbuster movie release, "Iron Man 2".

    Mike Goldsmith, Editor-in-Chief of MusicRadar.com, said: "Whether it's AC/DC soundtracking 'Iron Man 2', RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE getting the Christmas No. 1 or IRON MAIDEN winning a Brit, heavy metal is no longer an underground concern. Over 6,000 musicians and metalheads agree and have voted in what is MusicRadar.com's most popular poll yet. It's another award for METALLICA's thrash masterpiece and is the perfect soundtrack for International Noise Awareness Day. Turn it up!"

    Alexander Milas, Editor of Metal Hammer, added, "This is a thrilling result — but it will come as no surprise to long time fans, as METALLICA's 'Master of Puppets' is an absolute landmark for our beloved genre. Ranging from the crushing and frenetic 'Battery' to the stately elegance of 'Orion', 'Master of Puppets' still explodes with the sweat-soaked denim of the band's more humble beginnings. Should the god-like IRON MAIDEN have won the poll? Are GUNS N' ROSES really heavy metal? Debates like these will rage forever on, and it's a testament to the intelligence and incredible passion of metalheads around the globe."

    MusicRadar.com's "Best Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time":

    01. METALLICA - Master of Puppets (1986)
    02. IRON MAIDEN - The Number of the Beast (1982)
    03. GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite for Destruction (1987)
    04. METALLICA - Ride the Lightning (1984)
    05. SLAYER - Reign in Blood (1986)
    06. MEGADETH - Rust in Peace (1990)
    07. BLACK SABBATH – Paranoid (1970)
    08. AC/DC - Back in Black (1980)
    09. PANTERA - Vulgar Display of Power (1992)
    10. IRON MAIDEN - Powerslave (1984)

    The full rundown of MusicRadar.com's best heavy metal album of all-time poll is available online at this location.


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     # 201
    METALLICA's Two Auckland Concerts Sell Out In 20 Minutes - May 12, 2010

    New Zealand's Stuff.co.nz reports: Tickets to METALLICA's two Auckland shows sold out in just 20 minutes [Thursday] morning [May 13], leaving some angry fans empty-handed.

    The tickets went on sale at 9 a.m. and promoters for the two shows, on October 13 and 14 at Vector Arena, said they were sold out by 9:20 a.m.

    Stuff.co.nz was swamped with feedback by irate fans who tried to buy them over the internet, but couldn't get through.

    "I was on the website from 8.50am and nothing. Both pre-sales failed and sure enough no 25th birthday for me. It was going to be the best start to my honeymoon too," said a poster called Chris.

    "Once again, the Ticketmaster website is unstable and not up to modern day needs," said another poster called Mark.

    Read more from Stuff.co.nz.

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     # 202
    Leptospirosis Outbreak At Site Of METALLICA's Croatia Show - May 13, 2010

    According to Croatian Times, up to 60 horses have been quarantined following an outbreak of leptospirosis in Zagreb, Croatia's hippodrome just days before 30,000 people are expected to attend a METALLICA concert to be held there on Sunday.

    The illness is usually spread from rats to other animals but when transferred to humans — through contact with contaminated water by broken skin or through lining of the eye — it can cause miscarriages, kidney inflammation and possibly death. The bacteria dies in the digestive track.

    The METALLICA concert organizers did not seem concerned about the outbreak. "We should have been informed, but obviously they did not think it was necessary because they believe that there is no danger. The horses will not come into contact with the audience, and during the last 10 days they did not even walk around the area where the audience will be," said Vladimir Ivankovic, director of Lupa Promotions that organized the concert.

    Read more from Croatian Times.

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     # 203
    METALLICA Fans Fork Out Thousands Of Dollars To See Band Perform - May 14, 2010

    Shahra Walsh of Stuff.co.nz reports: South Island METALLICA fans are paying thousands of dollars to see the band in Auckland, New Zealand in October, despite airlines offering cheap flights.

    Shelley Glassey, 32, of Invercargill, New Zealand, said she and husband Erin would pay about NZD $3,000 (approximately $2,140) to see their "No. 1 band" perform. "I've been a fan for 17 years. It's pretty important that we go. We're huge fans."

    Costs included accommodation, concert tickets, airfares, meals and taxi fares. They also paid NZD $80 (approximately $57) to join a METALLICA fan club that made tickets available online in a pre-sale.

    Read more from Stuff.co.nz.

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     # 204
    METALLICA Drummer's Letter To RONNIE JAMES DIO - May 16, 2010

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has penned the following open letter to legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW):

    "Dear Ronnie,

    "I just got off stage in Zagreb. I was met with the news that you've passed on. I'm kind of in shock, but I wanted you to know that you were one of the main reasons I made it onto that stage to begin with.

    "When I first saw you in ELF, opening for DEEP PURPLE in 1975, I was completely blown away by the power in your voice, your presence on stage, your confidence, and the ease with which you seemed to connect to 6,000 Danish people and one starry-eyed 11-year-old, most of whom were not familiar with ELF's music. The following year, I was so psyched when I heard the results of you joining forces with my favorite guitar player. You guys sounded so right for each other and I instantly became RAINBOW's #1 fan in Denmark.

    "In the fall of 1976, when you played your first show in Copenhagen, I was literally in the front row and the couple of times we made eye contact you made me feel like the most important person in the world. The news that you guys were staying in town on your day off somehow embedded itself in my brain and I made the pilgrimage to the Plaza Hotel to see if I could somehow grab a picture, an autograph, a moment, anything. A few hours later you came out and were so kind and caring... pictures, autographs and a couple minutes of casual banter. I was on top of the world, inspired and ready for anything. RAINBOW came to Copenhagen a couple more times over the next few years and each time you guys blew my mind, and for a good three years were my absolute favorite band on this planet.

    "Over the years I've been fortunate enough to run into you a half dozen times or so and each time you were as kind, caring and gracious as you were in 1976 outside the hotel.

    "When we finally got a chance to play together in Austria in 2007, even though I may not have let on, I was literally transformed back to that little snot-nosed kid who you met and inspired 31 years earlier and it was such a fucking honor and a dream come true to share a stage with you and the rest of the legends in HEAVEN & HELL.

    "A couple of weeks ago when I heard that you were not going to be able to make it to the Sonisphere shows that we would be sharing this June, I wanted to call you and let you know that I was thinking of you and wish you well, but I kind of pussied out, thinking the last thing you needed in your recovery was feeling obligated to take a phone call from a Danish drummer/fan boy. I wish I'd made that call.

    "We will miss you immensely on the dates, and we will be thinking of you with great admiration and affection during that run. It seemed so right to have you out on tour with the so-called 'Big Four' since you obviously were one of the main reasons that the four bands even exist.

    "Your ears will definitely be burning during those two weeks because all of us will be talking, reminiscing and sharing stories about how knowing you has made our lives that much better.

    "Ronnie, your voice impacted and empowered me, your music inspired and influenced me, and your kindness touched and moved me. Thank you.

    "Much love."


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     # 205
    METALLICA Drummer In 'Get Him To The Greek' Movie; Video Available - May 18, 2010

    METALLICA drummerLars Ulrich makes a cameo appearance playing himself in "Get Him To The Greek", an American comedy film, directed by Nicholas Stoller and starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. The movie, which was also written by Stoller, is scheduled for release on June 4.

    "Get Him to the Greek" is a spin-off from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", reuniting director Stoller with stars Hill and Brand. Brand reprises his character Aldous Snow from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", while Hill plays an entirely new character.

    The film's synopsis reads as follows: "Aaron Greenberg (Hill) gets things done. The ambitious 23-year-old has exaggerated his way into a dream job just in time for a career-making assignment. His mission: Fly to London and escort a rock god to L.A.s Greek Theatre for the first-stop on a $100-million tour. His warning: Turn your back on him at your own peril. British rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) is both a brilliant musician and walking sex. Weary of yes men and piles of money, the former front man is searching for the meaning of life. But that doesnt mean he cant have a few orgies while he finds it. When he learns his true love is in California, Aldous makes it his quest to win her backright before kick-starting his world domination.

    "As the countdown to the concert begins, one intern must navigate a minefield of London drug smuggles, New York City brawls and Vegas lap dances to deliver his charge safe and, sort of, sound. He may have to coax, lie to, enable and party with Aldous, but Aaron will get him to the Greek."

    Watch a clip of Ulrich's appearance in the movie below.


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     # 206
    METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX: 'Big Four' Coming To A Theater Near You - May 20, 2010

    METALLICA's official web site has been updated with the following message:

    "Can't make it to Europe this June for one of the seven Sonisphere 'Big Four' shows featuring the 'TALLICA along with SLAYER, MEGADETH, and ANTHRAX? No problem . . . we've got the next best thing through the magic of satellite technology with a special HD simulcast from Sofia, Bulgaria on June 22!

    "Here's how it works: The live show will be transmitted via satellite to over 450 movie theaters in the U.S. and over 350 theaters across Europe, Canada, and Latin America. Within hours of all of us walking off the stage, depending on what time zone you live in, you'll be able to rock out to each set in the cozy confines of your local movie theater that same night.

    "Now the nitty gritty details: Tickets for the one-night-only event are available at the local theater box offices and online at TheBigFourLive.com where you can see a complete list of presenting theaters. They will start to go on sale Friday, May 21 in the U.S and Friday, May 28 internationally. Please note that ticket on sale times and even days will vary by theatre, so check with your friendly neighborhood participating movie theatre for exact days and times tickets will be available and keep watching TheBigFourLive.com for theatre additions/changes. For our friends in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, delayed screenings will be coming your way. Again, keep watching here and TheBigFourLive.com for updates.

    "A few more tidbits you might find helpful: Ticket prices in the U.S. will be around $20 plus whatever service charges your local theater may add. No, unfortunately each band's entire set will not be shown, but trust us, you'll see most of the action.

    "If you're still with us here and want a little more info about the good people helping to make this happen, check out: byexperience.net. They've done some awesome events!"


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     # 207
    METALLICA Frontman Featured In 'Absent' Documentary; Trailer Available - May 27, 2010

    METALLICA frontman James Hetfield was interviewed for "Absent", a new documentary which examines the need for an emotional bond that children without fathers often experience.

    A trailer for the film(featuring Hetfield) can now be viewed at this location.

    According to The Daily Times, New Mexico filmmaker Justin Hunt was negotiating with possible narrators when his big break came via an e-mail, received in early April.

    "I was driving on the freeway I almost crashed," Hunt said. The e-mail was from METALLICA. Hetfield wanted to be involved with the project.

    Hetfield came from a broken home. "My family fell apart," he said in a clip from the film. "I had feelings of abandonment."

    The candid and emotional interview shows a rare side of Hetfield. This leader of one of rock's monster bands has three children with his wife Francesca.

    But with a closer look at his lyrics, according to Hunt, there is the pain from the absence of Hetfield's father, Virgil.

    Hunt was granted access to those lyrics as well as the use of six METALLICA songs within the movie. He recently was invited back to METALLICA headquarters in San Francisco, where he recorded a voice-over of Hetfield reading song lyrics.



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     # 208
    METALLICA Frontman Says He Is 'A Reborn Straight-Edge' - May 27, 2010

    The latest issue of So What!, the official METALLICA fan club magazine, features a brand new interview with the band's frontman, James Hetfield, in which he discusses his tattoos. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

    So What!: (Caught by a tattoo)… that's a new one, right? Sorry-

    Hetfield: Straight edge? Yeah.

    So What!: You're not getting away with the last comment, incidentally. We'll have to go back to that. But anyways, the straight-edge X.

    Hetfield: Right. Well, straight edge, this was certainly a design of my own. You know, the old straight-edge tattoo, it's just like a big X on your hand. No drinking, and I don't drink. It's like when you go into the clubs, they put and X on your hand…

    So What!: Right. It's because you haven't shown your ID.

    Hetfield: And I don't need drink or drugs. That's straight-edge life. Obviously I'm not straight edge — a true, hardcore straight-edge has never had any of it in her or her whole life. But I'm a reborn straight-edge.

    So What!: I always associated MINOR THREAT and Ian MacKaye and those guys with straight-edge punk. That's what they were all about.

    Hetfield: Absolutely. There's some hardcore people that are straight edge from birth. So this was my take on the straight-edge X, you know? Straight razors. A straight edge is what that was all about.



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     # 209
    Two More for the Fall
    It's been almost seven years since we've played indoors in Tokyo, so it's about time!! We can't wait to return to Japan on September 25 and 26 for two shows at the Saitama Super Arena.

    Tickets go on sale Saturday, July 3 at 10:00 AM with an eplus pre-sale starting on June 12 at 10:00 AM. Met Club members should check www.metclub.com for details on how you can purchase pre-sale tickets starting June 10.

    We're working on a few more shows for the month of September, so keep an eye out here over the next couple of weeks for updates.
    September 25
    Tokyo, Japan
    Saitama Super Arena
    On Sale July 3

    September 26
    Tokyo, Japan
    Saitama Super Arena
    On Sale July 3

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     # 210

    According to the Associated Press, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, METALLICA's Kirk Hammett and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's Zakk Wylde attended Jeff Beck's tribute concert in honor of his late friend and mentor, Les Paul, Wednesday night (June 9) at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City.

    Hammett, who considers Beck one of his idols, said: "He does everything with a smile while you're asking yourself, 'How the hell does he do that?'"

    Frehley and Wylde both summed the show up as "awesome."

    The performance was filmed for PBS special later this year as well as a DVD.

    Read more from the Associated Press.

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